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  • seasaw6499 seasaw6499 Oct 11, 2010 7:44 PM Flag

    Seasaw 6499's latest rant

    Stupid post as I certainly never asked you such a dumb question but you can certainly make up a dumb question and attribute it to me. People claimed cash couldn't be faked and I brought up sat yam as one of many examples where it was and people said just rely on the auditor and I brought up enroll of many examples where fraud occurred when there was a large auditor. I never asked why anyone couldn't see parallels. Anyway, let me give you a chance to redeem yourself. Why don't you name on of the many cases where there were no significant insider sales in the months before detection? If you are too ignorant and give up, I will stoop to name one for you and another if you need me to and another if you need me too. Your second question makes a false assumption, that committing fraud for financial gain is not the motive. Try to figure out the obvious ways financial gain is the motive here and explain them. If you can't accomplish that oboe tie , please let me know and I will explain it to you again. Also, I am nolonger short the stock because the borrow is too high.

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