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  • mick.2126 mick.2126 Oct 25, 2010 8:16 PM Flag

    Drew Bernstein

    He said he is pleased and looks forward to presenting the results of the audit.
    Sounds positive to me......

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    • I certainly hope Drew Bernstein will be available for the CC this Friday, May 11, 2012!

    • This, too, is important to this board as are Drew Bernstein's recent comments to CNBC Asia.

      We have come a long, long way from the days of the LOEB/Deloitte independent investigation.

    • The results will be presented!

    • If he said that Mick, the news will be good! Short Interest has now dropped
      to under 1 million shares!

    • If Drew said that, that is certainly positive!

    • If Drew said that Mick, then the report is positive! I still
      feel third quarter earnings could bear the brunt of the
      lowered guidance from $18 million to $16.2 million as the
      two high energy user boilers were pulled in July and the new
      ones will probably be tested and online in November. The
      New Line should be tested and online late in the fourth
      quarter, probably late December. 2011 should be a blowout
      year for earnings/revenue growth!

    • For the amount of time you spend bashing this stock to the tune of maybe 15 posts per day, if you are not short this stock, you are a very, very odd individual. Personally, I don't believe that. I think you're just trying to save face for what you hope to be some sort of reputation for the next time you start bashing stock, given that you admitted you were long on the way down and appear very much to be short on the way up.

      Your last post is just a babbling mess of words that include a lot of he said she saids. It doesn't matter what you think I may have said or meant in one of my posts. What matters is that Drew Bernstein has never been personally involved with a company (chairman of audit committee or serving as a director, etc) that is "defunct" as you call it.

      He is intimately and personally involved with ONP and has his entire career on the line. That says a lot given his background.

    • First of all, I am not currently short this stock, so that is lie number 1. Second of all, we were talking about firms he was an accountant for, so that is lie number 2. Third, you posted that I was unable to find and post a company that went defunct that he was an accountant for, so that is lie number 3. Fourth, as the chairman of the audit committe, he is not even doing the audit, whereas as the accountant, he was, so his involvement in the auditing was much more extensive there.
      YOu are a crook. Be honest, don't you work for ONP, pumping this stock? Why don't you provide your foreign address where you are so that the SEC can't get you for pumping and dumping.

    • Glad you are back posting Jamz...It's been an Evelyne only festival for quite awhile... bless her soul. Hopefully this will get a little bit intersting soon...T-under 3 weeks and counting.

    • Man o Man. What short sellers will do for a buck...

      His accounting firm has audited hundreds if not thousands of companies in its history-- not him personally-- his firm. Some of the companies along the way have gone under which is normal in the spectrum of business. His accounting firm can't control the operations of the business, they just audit it.

      What I was referring to was the fact that he is PERSONALLY INVOLVED with ONP. He is the chairman of the audit committee and his firm doesn't even audit ONP so your argument that his firm audited one company that did poorly is asinine. Drew Bernstein potentially has an entire career to lose if he is found personally involved with a bad company.

      The fact remains that you flat out lied. No company Drew Bernstein has ever been involved is "defunct" as you put it. Whether or not one firm that they audited went out of business is irrelevant. They can't control the operations of the business. It's not their job. And they don't even audit ONP any way.

      Once again, you are wrong. You are stupid. You are desperate, and you are frantic.

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