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  • sunnsailor sunnsailor Mar 20, 2011 9:11 PM Flag

    From The Basher's Handbook


    In lieu of Shorts manipulative fraudulent attacks costing millions of dollars to U.S. investors as well as the Chinese companies themselves; Chinese companies' general reticence to explain themselves seems merely defensive. A haphazard 'misfits' group of hedge funded short sellers and over-reaching wishful class action lawyers have turned criticising New York-listed mainland firms into a new cottage industry. It is often difficult for regulators outside the mainland, including Hong Kong, to investigate or punish corporate governance or accounting breaches unless they have the co-operation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which is never guaranteed. Other countries don't have legal overreach into China, and that includes the U.S.. America's aggressive crowd of class action lawyers - (litigators who hope to win big by signing up aggrieved shareholders to participate in court cases against companies who have allegedly misled investors, and taking a large chunk of any compensation for themselves) may be jumping the gun.
    FALLACY & TRASH MYTHS: (What most hear so frequently.)
    -Reverse merger deals should not be trusted. (LIE)
    -Investors should not trust the financial reporting of Chinese Reverse Merger companies. (LIE)
    -Accounting firms auditing the financials of such companies should not be trusted. (LIE)
    -Investors have a high probability of losing money if they invest in Chinese reverse merger companies. (LIE)
    -The group has been a minefield of revenue disappointments & earnings restatements. (LIE)
    -China companies use a 'back-door maneuver known as a reverse merger to go public in the U.S.. (LIE)
    -These companies fall between the cracks of market regulation. (LIE)
    =>>> The problem is that the bashers are often long on story, but short on facts & proof of wrongdoing. But with their THOUSANDS OF SWAMPING DISTORTION POSTS, VAST NEGATIVE HEDGE FUNDED MEDIA BLITZ, & FRAUDULENT FAKE RESEARCH WEBSITES, it has overwhelmed the conventional rational wisdom opinions of most investors very prejudicially. This constant illegal trashing manipulation of the Chinese sector is definitely genuine OVERT RACISM as well.
    The companies that make up the majority of China Reverse Merger stocks are counted as very substantial significant businesses of the main Chinese economy. 70% of China's GDP is generated from companies with less than 2000 employees. While there have been financial discrepancies, restatements, and in a few cases intentional fraud perpetrated by some of these companies, it is clearly not the norm, but the exception, just as it is among U.S. companies. (Chinese = even much less so!) Most cases involve violating rules, which are rectified given appropriate time. I recommend patience, as they are under attack. With the SEC so understaffed & underfunded regarding enforcement of Short's illegal share price manipulations sector wide, the Chinese are stepping cautiously & prudently while attempting to understand all the ramifications involved -first. Meanwhile, Manipulating Shorts argumentive tactics of FUD = (fear, uncertainty and doubt) & 'Sector Abandonment' are destroying millions of dollars of U.S. investors share values for the fraudulent personal gain of a small few corrupt fraudsters.
    (paraphrased) GO ONP!!!!!

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