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  • brb5010 brb5010 Apr 22, 2012 10:22 PM Flag

    If a buyout is in the near future...

    ...does info of another companies interest become public knowledge or is it usually an event that is done under the radar?? If so, how can so many people on here say that a buyout is highly possible since the company has only zerenex (and a slim possibility for perifosine). Does Big Pharma usually buy up companies with such limited pipelines? If so what are some good examples where this has occured?

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    • Not going to happen.

    • Pal, almost all buyouts by BIG PHARMA of small pharma are for one drug and one drug only. Usually it is done under the radar and does not become public knowledge until an offer is official. However, in this case, the CEO has hinted several times that he would entertain the idea of a buyout if beneficial to shareholders. He has also hinted in creative ways about a $40 pps as being the minimal acceptable offer despite how the day traders and shorts posting here want to slant values. However, there is no way he can get that kind of an offer off the current trading price. But, it is no secret know that KERX did a 75 bagger in 2009 that began with insiders buying cheaply, much like these last two weeks and sparked further by Zenerex news.

      Zenerex has now come under the spotlight as all attention has been taken away from Perifosine, at least for now. Zerenex has always been their lead drug. It is also closer to approval moreso than ever and has SPA status which it did not have during the last 75 bagger. If a few major players step to the plate and start buying large, the likes of the 1.5M share bid we saw Friday, and force a short squeeze, we do not even need a 75 bagger or anywhere near another 75 bagger to get the pps in the proper price range to make buyout talks worth the CEO's time and putting the pps in the proper ballpark to make a buyout fly for both parties. The pps would have already been there had it not been for the nasty war with shorts that erupted since the '09 75 bagger and continues now.

      Insiders have been slow to attack until now, as the shorts have set the stage for a major short squeeze with a huge short position. Plus, the timing is near perfect, with Zenerex, to begin buyout talks. So, the first order of business is to squeeze the shorts as soon as we know they have shorted themselves foolishly to maximum capacity! We are nearing that point if not already there.

      The best thing shareholders can do is sit back and hold. Accumulate gradually and wisely. Avoid jumping in first thing tomorrow morning early because the shorts are looking for any kind of action to manipulate the trade in anyway. Wait until they least expect it and later in the day to make purchases with orders to buy above the ask price since the ask is usually the shorts blocking a rise up. If need be they will sell some of their core position to do this. But if your order exceeds their block and is large enough, you will secure any loose shares from weak hands and tighten up the availability of shares from the shorts. Do not have margin accounts whether or not you buy on margin because the shorts will still be able to borrow your shares to use them against you. This is my strategy and my opinion only. As always and like theo and haltkaldt always advise, never invest more than you can afford to lose and follow your gut instincts or seek the advice of a professional. All bios are speculative in nature so the risk/ reward ratio is extreme. Investing in bios is not for those with weak stomachs because you almost always have to watch your investment decrease significantly before it increases significantly , well above your original entry point, if you picked the right stock. KERX is my favorite spculative because of the likelihood of success with Zenerex as a blockbuster drug and the rocketship long shot possibilities of several indications of Perifosine. Mix that up with the high short interest and the blatant stupidity of those shorts plus superior management with insider buying and there is nothing I like better while they sit with enough cash to complete all trials (as per the CEO in PRs and Conference Calls).

    • imo, peri failure absolutely killed kerx. zerenex faces stiff competition IF it gets approved, and profits would be about 2 years away. imo kerx will continue getting sold off until zerenex results runup around oct/nov. no reason to buy here. kerx and aezs can't be trusted based on the way they botched the peri trial p3. They just exist to employ people, nothing more.
      all imo, Adam was right about these guys

    • There is no buyout. Any "positive" posts here are made by pumpers who lured new shareholders at 5 dollars before it dropped to 1.5. They want to get it up again before the next piece of bad news which is probably a delay on Zerenex for additional safety testing or simply running out of funding.

    • Also "holding" any kind of stock is never key. Especially with a biotech it's best to sell right before a binary event just incase it doesn't work out and then ride the wave after. Obviously anyone can go to a casino and go all-in.

      This forum is being trolled by a professional troll who spawned from the video game community. They go by various aliases, Theo Rothchild, Grandpa Al lewis, Unibasher, Halkaltd and many others.

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