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  • stuhrdrew stuhrdrew Apr 24, 2012 6:12 PM Flag

    The truth about Theo/KERX

    Just wanted to point out ON A NEW THREAD:

    Theo is a con artist. Read carefully. I know this because I am capable of the very thing he is doing. This manipulator has created over 20 usernames citing his own posts while using names that appeal to various cultures and locations, so as to speak to any given reader's mind from the perspective of a peer, elder, or someone of similar socioeconomic or cultural status.

    The result of Theo's various postings on several usernames is a sense of worldly interest in KERX, a sense of having a leader or even multiple strong leaders, and a sense of being in this together as a community. This is all birthed from the creation of a "World of KERX" on this very forum, where the one thing we completely overlook is any given poster or series of posters (recall that a poster is not an accountable human entity) could use this zombie-like company as the perfect vehicle for recruitment of speculative investors and as the perfect natural-born entity with potential to manipulate the hopes/dreams of the desperate. The value of this stock is ideal for duping small investors with hopes of a buyout, for example, who tend to be more desperate and prone to buying a 1-5 dollar stock whereas wise large investors who play market trends would know this is basically a husk of a company whose employees make a living by being "focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of medically important pharmaceutical products for the treatment of life-threatening disease.." (quoted from main page)

    Riiiiiight. So they are exactly what you'd need to draw money from a certain niche of investors without ever actually doing anything as a company. In fact, if you recall, the Dr overseeing the trial of Perifosine knew that proceeding with the Phase III trial was foolish because the Phase II results were essentially crafted to be acceptable and were fluff from the outset. This company literally decided to skip a Phase II-b trial and go directly to Phase III because in the end they only want to gamble, for their money and for yours. And in the end they just take their investors money with a truly frivolous and laid back approach to drug development, and I have to guess they are truly truly hoping to be bought out one day, but guess what. It won't happen because they are not a real company and cannot produce anything of actual value before they go bankrupt. Even Zerenex is of very little value. The movement you see in this stock is from day trader's who turned into investors, or are borderline becoming investors by messing with this fake company.

    If you've truly been following this stock, you know Theo and his usernames basically comprise every "significant" post ever made. This is why Theo has selected this stock to pump, because its actually one of very few companies that can be pumped on a forum alone simply by creating a fake world of posts. There are a small handful of other tiny biotechs in which the very same thing is happening and has been noted on other forums. Theo has seized upon these opportunities, which come in the form of a pathetic and struggling biotech which inherently has attached to it some pipe-dream of a breakthrough drug or buyout. These are the stocks Theo targets for manipulation. He proceeds to make these stocks "his own," and he has essentially milked millions out of KERX already, despite anything he says, he plays this "stock" on both sides.

    Fake company with fake efforts to produce fake drugs with fake dreams of a buyout before bankruptcy before producing anything worthy of buying out. Theo manipulates interest in this stock, no one else even cares to look at it cept those who are tricked into his world.

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