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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Apr 28, 2012 9:53 PM Flag

    The truth about Theo/KERX

    Ron Bentsur sold KERX for profit multiple times in the past year.

    "Theo" did not.

    Theo claims to have held through it all. Anyone, in retrospect, would regret doing this when comparing their decisions to that of the CEO himself. Why did the CEO sell for profit a week before the decision? Because it was a good idea for anyone to have done so prior to a binary event especially given the excessive ramp-up in PPS toward 5 at the time. So in retrospect, all of Theo's ideas have been horrible when compared to the decisions of Ron Bentsur who has made a lot money off KERX.

    In theory, based on the timing of when of Theo claims that he's "slowly but surely accumulating under the radar so as not to stir the bashers", well I'd say compared to Ron Bentsur he always buys at the wrong price and never knows when to sell.

    Looking at Ron Bentsur's buys/sells is a much better community leader for you than "Theo." That much is for certain. Based on Bentsur's history of buys/sells we can easily begin to understand how Ron Bentsur viewed Perifosine's run-up and fall. He sold after a large run-up to a major binary event. Smart move. He bought shares at 1.29ish after a huge dive knowing that it was way oversold and would bounce, then sold again after gaining another 50 cents. Smart. Now I guess he's in again? I don't know because I don't plan on trading KERX...But wake the F*** up all.

    This is a lot more sensible than the nonsense of trying to be part of a grand scheme to scare the shorts and "hold through" for your fearless leader. Fear is a good thing, it helps you not gamble. To listen to Theo to any extent is like being someone's puppet instead of watching out for yourself like Ron Bentsur, who clearly isn't using "Theo" as a point of reference for what to do with his KERX shares.

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    • Great post macgreene! There are 5-6 pumpers on this message board who lost a lot of money after they bought this stock from $3's. Now they hope the price to go up so they can sell and get out just like CFO & CEO.

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      • theworldstightestsqueeze theworldstightestsqueeze Apr 29, 2012 1:06 AM Flag


        Here you go again just pulling allegations out of the sky, posting them having no proof to back up these statements as matter of fact and thinking ot is all legal or anyone will

        The people you portray as pumpers have all gone on record as having profited handsomely from KERX and in fact, having been part of the KERX 75 bagger of 2009, now own core positions bigger than ever already paid for by the 75 bagger and having taken profits out as well.

        Since they have gone on record here , I suggest you now tell us your history of having bought, sold shorted KERX and if you are a frequent trader. Their agenda is to buy and hold and have gone on record. What about you? What is your agenda? Now that we have established you are willing to post any lie you feel like , I think the readers need you to come clean with your history in KERX and whether you are frequent trader looking to manipulate people to sell their shares to you or if you are indeed caught short. After your false allegations against the pumpers, you need to come clean. Also, I think it only fair to the pumpers that you falsely accused. Perhaps they would like to review your record before deciding to sue you.


        Say Hello to the scam called KERX and the hedgies/paid pumpers.

    • Where did he claim that mackgreen33? It seems once again you are caught posting more lies just to fit your agenda. All he ever claimed was that he did not planning to sell any shares in any time before the Perifosine news even though he knew at the the time Perifosine would not fly for now. He also claimed he would not sell immediately after such news and would buy more.

      As far as him never having sold any through the last for years, I do believe he with all the others who have been in this for the last 4 years, he had said he had a core position and sold some trading shares. The longs said they are way ahead of the game now and even after this drop. That at least is my story and I think the same for the real longs and oldtimers. Logic tells us the opposite of yet another lie you post. This time I will give you the benefit of the doubt though. Instead of it being a lie, it is just more of the same from you where you shoot your mouth off to say anything if you think it helps your agenda. That agenda is to buy and buy back shares. That is why what you are doing here is not only unethical but also illegal and stupid since nobody could possibly take you seriously with all the holes in your fairytales.

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