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  • theworldstightestsqueeze theworldstightestsqueeze Apr 29, 2012 1:06 AM Flag

    The truth about Theo/KERX


    Here you go again just pulling allegations out of the sky, posting them having no proof to back up these statements as matter of fact and thinking ot is all legal or anyone will

    The people you portray as pumpers have all gone on record as having profited handsomely from KERX and in fact, having been part of the KERX 75 bagger of 2009, now own core positions bigger than ever already paid for by the 75 bagger and having taken profits out as well.

    Since they have gone on record here , I suggest you now tell us your history of having bought, sold shorted KERX and if you are a frequent trader. Their agenda is to buy and hold and have gone on record. What about you? What is your agenda? Now that we have established you are willing to post any lie you feel like , I think the readers need you to come clean with your history in KERX and whether you are frequent trader looking to manipulate people to sell their shares to you or if you are indeed caught short. After your false allegations against the pumpers, you need to come clean. Also, I think it only fair to the pumpers that you falsely accused. Perhaps they would like to review your record before deciding to sue you.

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    • theorothchild Jun 1, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

      This may be the most hilarious thread I have ever read on Yahoo in my life. Hands down, the biggest buffoons of the KERX message board are hawaiian, stuhdrew, mackgreen, restesr12345 who all posted here. I jalso include frank483r and stevehastings who are absent from this thread. These guys must all be one person because there could not possibly more than one person as dumb as this group of aliases. The funny thing is they actually encourage buyers while acting like they are shorts. They either have to all be long and pretending to be buffoons to encourage buyers or he/she/it is really this outrageously retarded. Either way, their presence is one more bullish event for KERX. I must admit, I have read over this thread several times and laughed each time harder than the previous time. I know it is not polite to laugh at people's stupidity but I just can't help it!

      By the way, just for the record, I have one alias and one alias only. Even though many of you have admitted to having multiple alias which Yahoo permits anyway, I go on record as only having one alias and Yahoo already checked that out a few years ago after some of these buffoons flooded the complaints division accusing me of being phrma_czar, james_cramer, haltkaldt and a few others. In fact, that is what lead to my discovery that one of the fools here was using my identity to send out spam to thousands of people just to get me removed from Yahoo. This was a crime and whoever it was could still be looking at some time in prison. The statute of limitations has not expired and the matter is still under investigation. So whoever the john doe is, I hope it is one of these fools still posting here because each day, the technology improves, the closer they come to solving who was responsible for both my identity theft and the spam. So he or she should go right ahead and keep leaving their fingerprints on everything y they touch but I will celebrate the day of their indictment as well as laugh as hard as I do when I read this thread. If they do catch this fool, I would have to ask if it was all worth it. He is e certainly not encouraging anyone to sell with his retardedness. This all boils down to being jealous of me which is even more laughable. When I shut down my PC, I can assure everyone, this sick person is the furthest thing on my mind. However, for some crazy reason (and I stress the adjective "crazy") he is obsessed with me in the same way a stalker is obsessed with a random celebrity. I don't know if I should be flattered or take out life insurance because he is clearly missing a nut that holds together that pea sized brain of his! He needs to do himself and everyone around him a serious favor and get some professional mental help soon. I would advise seeking treatments from a full fledged psychiatrist and not just some quack that acquired a therapy license. He really needs to undergo some intensive evaluations concentrating on his life from birth until present day. His condition is serious and I now understand, has nothing to do with money, KERX or the stock market but instead with his jealousy and obsession with me. Please, if anyone knows this sick child let him know he needs to get help soon before his obsession with me eats him up alive!


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