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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Apr 26, 2012 1:24 AM Flag

    "What Motive would Theo have Pre-FDA"

    Ohh, you're saying its possible that he might just make profit by altering the fate of this tiny biotech? It's more than simply possible that he could try to pump it to set up a reliable short..

    If the stock overextends based on the frivolous faith of "longs" that he's recruited, it becomes very easy for that to flip into a short for him because that kind of PPS activity is very limited, mostly to overexcited fools. He might gain 15-50 cents from his posting work alone then short it into the truth, that this company is most likely expecting delays on Zerenex and the signs are already there. So knowing the delay is looming, any given week is viable for our imaginary friend "Theo" to pump and short this stock.

    The longer the "longs" are in the overextended stock the more prone they are to being affected by a scare. Now as for whether or not Theo would be producing his own scares as well? That's possible to do on the forum without erasing one's legacy of trust, simply by issuing a prophetic warning that something bad may happen, just hold through...the effect of such an effort is to keep together your gimmick for another day, and best case you're "wrong" (on the forum) and things turn out mind blowingly good. And then Theo can still be construed as taking credit regardless. Sounds like a win/win.

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