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  • momentum2play momentum2play Apr 26, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    Everything quiet, seems most our big shots

    Theo, Dennis miller, donald trump Thaldt,got what they were paid for and left for now. I am sure they will be back when the next press release is released.

    It was a hell of a fight and the longs intimidated them.

    Enjoy the peace!
    Do your own DD ! Good luck to all of us.

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    • As I've said before, "Theo" is just shorting the stock after it pumps up 30 to 50 cents. He doesn't actually control the stock with all his user names, he merely creates an illusion that will help pump it for a more reliable payday, an easy short. The truth is that KERX is going nowhere fast and most likely will see a decline until a delay is announced in the Zerenex trial which is what I expect to happen. KERX is not a company that puts together flawless studies and this has been noted, and its been noted that they will go ahead with a risky study as seen in the decision to move on from Phase II directly to Phase III on Perifosine despite lackluster Phase II data. Normally a Phase II-b study would be executed before moving onto Phase III however they simply do not have the money to NOT take gambles in their drug development programs. It's also noted that safety still needs to be addressed and they don't have unlimited funds nor presumably a significant study that will be able to complete its objectives. With this fact looming in the backdrop, "Theo" has chosen the perfect vehicle of a stock to play his game without serious risk.

      Also, how laughable is it that Theo himself has posted something to the effect of "My fellow longs...My shares continue to grow as I add more and more under the radar so as not to create a stir of bashers" It's like...what the hell? Is that even a coherent idea? And recall that this is what he posted right before the stock puked on bad news on Perifosine, so supposedly he was stacking up on nearly 5 dollar shares. And yet we like to overlook these blatantly idiotic statements because he claims to be a leader and as long as there is a supposed leader people feel safe letting them take the moral blame, but guess what, that doesn't keep money in your bank account. So have fun believing the longs are banding together as a community, they actually are not. The concept of banding up is relevant when the stock actually has the potential to move, which it does not at this time.

      Theo's goal is pretty obvious, to confuse you with inherently stupid rhetoric about scared shorts and faithful longs. It's honestly pure BS, the war between the shorts and longs is imaginary and its been advertised repeatedly by this one user as being an active war. It's actually pure nonsense and its just meant to make you feel like you don't understand the stock and Theo is the one who does, so therefore you can feel safe at night putting your bets on him and his perspective. The technical analysis and data behind most of is rhetoric is non existant because this is not a stock that really does much of anything without Theo's pumping.

    • Well,

      I personally believe that "Theo" is going to have to change the face of his game soon.

      His conversations with his own usernames are rather entertaining and remind me of something a teenager would be motivated to do. I claim that "Theo" is an amateur con artist, likely a teenager, or in his low 20s, because its highly unlikely someone posting as much as he is has come from any prior generation. The energy taken to his keyboard is visible as well as the childish confidence in his manipulation. Also, based on his word choice it is likely "Theo's" education does not extend beyond high school, further adding weight to my theory that he is indeed a teenager and a troll, most likely from a video game community in which it is common for such manipulators to be birthed in the spirit of competition and dominance, in a game. Making money in the stock market is a similar game for "Theo"

      I believe he causes foolish overextensions of the stock that are only guaranteed to curl backwards because of the turtle-like pace of KERX. He claims he's helping the PPS but in reality he's just shorting it at the top of his pump probably.

    • Never left. You are a moron. You think KERX is my only holding. The shorts are going to play the same game they have been playing for several years. This may or may not take awhile. My shares are secure, KERX is on the watch list in case they offer any real great discounts. Otherwise we continue the same accumulation at a fixed point in time. Theo came out, to warn people what the blogs and you morons what up to. He warned. Some prepared themselves for the cheap shares as he did and I did. Maybe some got out because they cannot afford to hold on.

      You are the day trader not me. You want theo to post at times. You want me to post. Sorry pal, it has been said many times, if you think you are going to daytrade KERX, you are in the wrong stock. You should have learned this by now. Same thing goes for shorting. Knock yourself out but the only person I work for is myself. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other equities to attend to where the shorts are not as stupid as the ones here. For the record, I own many more shares now than before the Perifosine news. Maybe you should try putting up your agenda daytrader. Have fun watching the paint dry. If the shorts think I am going to waste my days here and debate whether I am going to change my mind, they should know Unibasher said, MOON OR BUST! Later loser! Btw, I lied, I am not as big as insiders but I knew that would get to you guys, lol. But the longer it takes, the bigger my pot of shares grows.

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