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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Apr 26, 2012 6:08 PM Flag

    Everything quiet, seems most our big shots


    I personally believe that "Theo" is going to have to change the face of his game soon.

    His conversations with his own usernames are rather entertaining and remind me of something a teenager would be motivated to do. I claim that "Theo" is an amateur con artist, likely a teenager, or in his low 20s, because its highly unlikely someone posting as much as he is has come from any prior generation. The energy taken to his keyboard is visible as well as the childish confidence in his manipulation. Also, based on his word choice it is likely "Theo's" education does not extend beyond high school, further adding weight to my theory that he is indeed a teenager and a troll, most likely from a video game community in which it is common for such manipulators to be birthed in the spirit of competition and dominance, in a game. Making money in the stock market is a similar game for "Theo"

    I believe he causes foolish overextensions of the stock that are only guaranteed to curl backwards because of the turtle-like pace of KERX. He claims he's helping the PPS but in reality he's just shorting it at the top of his pump probably.

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