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  • dmpaint Apr 26, 2012 8:59 PM Flag

    this message bosrd has tuned into a latenite partyline

    theres some smart,informative people here getting sucked into petty b.s. that's probably beneath them. why waste time calling people or their aliases out? it's gotten to the point where you have to wade thru so much crap to see an interesting or relevant point, that its not worth the time. i may be coming across wrong to some, but i miss the good, thought provoking posts and info that used to be found here. holding 10k shares and looking to add more soon in anticipation of asco driven run and the Z approval. GL y'all

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    • dmpaint Apr 27, 2012 4:12 PM Flag

      then tell me what a message board is for? To call people names and go on about consperacy theories? I'm an investor who wants this stock to move upwards is all. Really, is that so hard to believe. You think you own the friggin board? You act like it. Let some people post without your B.S. once in a while you over officious jerks

    • Ehm, your approach to trading is the same as "Theo"

      You've dropped some comments like "Z approval, "GL yall", "paranoia" "just got back from work", "sucked into petty B.S. thats probably beneath them", "why waste time calling people or their aliases out?"

      All of these statements are suspicious and are akin to what a teenager would produce when telling a tall tale or in building a veil of cover...Trust me, we don't need to know that you "just got back from work," you just added that to create a believable story. Your alias is suspicious as well because at the outset it might appear to be a professional email address, but your posts are unintelligent and childlike, indicating that it is indeed a fake alias.

      All of those comments are in line with the objective of "Theo" and all of them are what we call "rhetoric" meant to confuse the mind and incite change in favor of Theo's manipulation.

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      • dmpaint Apr 26, 2012 10:01 PM Flag

        yea, but.....whats my agenda? Seriously,I don't know who's side you're on, and I honestly don't know anything about shorting,calls,puts or any of that or I wouldn't be disapointed in the loss of good, INFORMATIVE or THOUGHT PROVOKING posts on this board. Actually that was the point of my original post. Too many smart people getting sidetracked by backbiting. As you are one of I suppose. No hards my man! If you're in it to make money, then we're on the same side

    • Hello, "Theo"

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