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  • theorothchild Apr 28, 2012 11:23 AM Flag

    When Theo Rothchild Talks, People Listen, ref: KERX Rocket

    For all my fans, and I do mean the bashers who are my groupies (or at least one groupy with 1000 aliases) that obsess with me and sometimes through the entire evening,; I am sorry to say, I will not leaving many messages near term as KERX prepares to enter the major leagues.

    When Theo Rothchild Speaks, People Listen,

    My son gives me way too much credit for my scientific background for it is he who is the real genius and puzzle solver while he has possessed psychic abilities which we saw signs of while he was still in the crib. As a man of the formal and natural sciences, one might conclude that I discount the paranormal as pure rubbish. Perhaps I would had I not been the father of my son. Some of the things I witnessed in him and with him boggles my mind until this very day.

    I would first like that I did not sell a single share of KERX since the Perifosine news and I stated my intentions before the news. I also stated that Perifosine for Colorectal Cancer was unlikely to be approved at this time and the reason to own KERX was for Zerenex itself. I stated such at $5 and held each and every share since the news. I also stated that there would be a massive attack on the boards, while the day traders and shorts painted the tape. It is going on still as last night's postings are proof of this. I am convinced there was little actual retail selling while mostly short selling tookmplace. IMHO, buying by longs and insiders plus the more sophisticated institutions was tremendous but the shorts met each purchase with a short sale. I did, in fact increase my holdings upon the news also and have continued to cost average in for more shares since. The hedge funds were obviously leaked the news from Japan only hours before the official announcement and covered just enough shares to counter the rise in afterhours and the following days. They are not about tomthrow in the towel despite the incredibly great news and the wave of insider purchases.

    My son and eye went into the think tank last night and brain-stormed looking over all the press releases past and present. With the attack we have been under, I will admit I was concerned whether fundamentals and good management could win over corruption even as ignorant as the corrupt ones appear. The good news is, we discovered one very keen piece of information that was staring all of us all right in the face. Because of this info, we are both convinced to hold and buy as many more shares as possible and as soon as possible even though the shorts may or may not continue to play. I do not want to alert the shorts of our realization because of the personal attacks on me. I no longer believe they deserve pity. All I will say is that there is almost guaranteed to be a major event that will change the pps forever and considerably to the upside. This event has nothing to do with Perifosine or Zerenex but will be made possible because of one of those two drugs. Bright minds will figure it out quickly. We are both absolutely convinced this will happen. Afterwards, this event may lead straight to a buyout depending on just how high it lifts the price but there are two other significant events that could also happen depending on Bentsur's strategy for one and the other depending on behind the scenes info on the pipeline itself which we are not privvy too.

    Part 2 below...

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