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  • biopharmaking biopharmaking Dec 4, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    Longs await 1Major News Event in KERX plus 2 very Big Events. The Major Event Can Come At Any Time...

    Let's get one thing straight. There are 3 event that every long expects to see. Data, Approval and BUYOUT! This is aside from positive news from Japan as well. The catch is that the biggest of these events could come at any time, BUYOUT! So, you have to be in it to win it. Now, to make jk4763 happy, we will be the first to tell you a BUYOUT is not guaranteeded but the CEO has alluded to it on several occasions. So this is clearly the BIG NEWS ITEM longs want to ultimately see!

    Hedge funds have used all sorts of subliminal suggestions to persuade longs and others to sell before a buyout so they can cover their shorts cheaply. Daytraders have tried to move the focus on data so they can pump it dump it and do the same to approval and BUYOUT NEWS. Here is the catch, BUYOUT NEWS does not have to come last and could literally come at any time. However, if it does come first, the shorts are DEAD and the Day Traders wasted 4 years of their life here if they are ultimately caught out of the BUYOUT by surprise. And if they manage to buy in just in the nick of time, they may not reap all the rewards involved as a shareholder of record in a BUYOUT! I just hope and pray I am able to be a shareholder of record at the time of any potential BUYOUT!

    If CEO Bentsur announced a buyout at the end of the day, I would be very pleased but he may be waiting for price appreciation first so he can get what he is willing to accept and what the shareholders are willing to accept. The thing I like about Bentsur is he eliminated the day traders ability to play games about a possible buyout and the rumors they like to start and stop so often to manipulate according to their agenda. Bentsur made it very clear that KERX was the ideal buyout candidate because of Zerenex and a few online sites picked up on the story and have speculated about it for over a year now. So the day traders lost their opportunity to use this as a tool for manipulation. Most Longs expect it to happen and it could take place literally at any time once the terms of a deal are agreed upon. So KERX is one stock that really makes day traders feel impotent and powerless in so many ways. if they want in on the action and be guaranteed a place on the first space flight for civilians, they have to buy and hold those tickets now or their may be no more seats left tomorrow or when they announce the surprise launch! I hope to be on the rocket when it takes off. Sure data news and approval news is nice and could even be good for a few hundred percent up but as Richard Nixon used to say, Let be make this perfectly clear, BUYOUT IS THE BIG NEWS and it can happen at any time and if you are not in and holding KERX shares at the time, you lose the game no matter how much money you made already! BUYOUT News could literally follow data news 30 minutes later or before. Buyout news could literally follow approval news 30 minutes before or after. So, as you can see, some of these day traders may be patting their buddies on the back after they pump the data news and then sell to start bashing...BUT if BUYOUT NEWs follows 10 minutes later and within the time that they put on their bashing caps, logged into yahoo, changed their aliases and started bashing... They are screwed!!!! Wouldn't that be poetic justice?

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    • What do you really think can happen, a BUYOUT maybe?? My god can you over state it anymore.

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      • He should continue to state it for newbies to realize that the CEO has already alluded that he wants to sell the company. All your new names like this one you are using just popped up now for data and you'll be gone as soon as the data comes and goes. Real longs are here for the buyout and the data will just be another day of trading as far as we are concerned. We are not here for chump change like the daytraders even if it is a few hundred percent gain from data. That will still be chump change knowing what the buyout can bring and knowing if you flip shares, you not only hurt your ultimate buyout price but you also risk not being part of the buyout as most day traders will not be.

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    • Biopharmaking what is your take on the Baxter acquisition announced today?

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      • I really do not know much about the deal or the company they bought. All I can really say is it would be nice to wake up to news like that one of these days for those of us, myself included, who managed to figure a way to hang on through both data and approval should that come before a buyout. Ultimately, the strong and patient will survive. So yes, the rich get richer because they can afford to hold as long as it takes but there will be a handful of us who will get richer also if we can, first of all, afford to hold and second of all, grow the blls to hold for as long as it takes through data and approval news if it comes first before BUYOUT NEWS!

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