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  • pharma_czar pharma_czar Dec 5, 2012 5:46 AM Flag

    Who wouldn't be a pumper of a $3 stock with a $15 to $50 potential within the next 52 weeks?

    That is not to mention having the slickest and most honest CEO in the sector!

    Yes, I am a pumper, a long term holder and a accumulator. While I have made a few, and I stress the word few, trades over the last four years, my long term position continues to grow. That is the difference between me and the naysayers who are frequent traders and who also lowball the potential which scares the heck out of them. They worry the pps can run away and never come back while leaving them at the school dance... all alone with their pretty party dress on but nobody to party with!

    I am a pumper and proud to say so! Unlike the naysayers, I am not a dumper who will be left out of the party when the celebration begins! I am a pumper now and will be a pumper at the time of the Buyout, be it $15 to $50, before or after approval!

    Now that I have stood up and declared that I am proud of what I am, the naysayers and fake longs who are actually frequent traders should do the same! Lay it all the on the line!

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    • If your view is really that Loooooong... then okay.

      I think what people have a problem with is you refuse to accept that it's not going to hit those targets soon, even with a pass on the latest data. They still need to prove they can steal market share.

      In the meantime, traders are winning by making money. Long traders are winning by building a position for free, if they are long and want one. Shorts are probably doing the same in reverse.

      Think of it this way, you are a 'trader' too. Shorts dumped the price this low and since you are long, you took advantage of it to make a trade and buy more.

      So.... that's how the market works and you have a problem with what you are even doing.


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      • Finally, after a zillion posts saying the same thing, you get it! Data is a non event for longs knowing that a buyout will be lingering even if the data is just halfway decent and,moreso, if phenomenal! Although bear in mind while I am long term and every long should be if they expect to maximize their profits with a buyout which the CEO alluded to, a buyout can still come at any time...before data, after data or even 5 minutes after data. My whole point in knocking the daytraders is we all know their MO already from past experiences and we know how they have ultimately hurt the pps. They have no morals and will pump the data and turn around 5 minutes later after dumping and bash the very same data. That is my sole purpose of posting here and it is to warn newbies of the scam by many of them here criticizing me while pretending to still be longs. We all know they are going to switch aliases as soon as apremarket hours are over after data and start bashing. They have no courage to hold and are cowards but that is their own choice however, longs and newbies should be warned as they pull this stunt on just about every bio board. KERX longs have done a good job of holding and not believing their scam and that is why I get them so frustrated! Data really is a non event for me unless it passes $15 which is possible but not likely given the presence of the daytraders. However, if the buyout is announced immediately or at anytime they are out of the trade and bashing, they will be the first ones to cry foul play. Longs need to keep their eye on the big picture and realize if they flip on data , they could seriously be damaging their ultimate payout in a buyout. day traders just do not think that far ahead and with the sized of the pea brained heads, it is understandable.

        No, I do not think $50 can happen any time soon but in a year from now after an approval and things are getting under way, I suspect Bentsur will increase the pipeline and the company could fetch that in a buyout. That is why if big pharma really wants Zerenex, they are more likely to make an offer right after data or approval and then the daytraders may miss out as the low range targets of mine can be met short term. Bottom line is HOLD until the buyout if you can afford to or unless you see targets you like. Most longs are not satisfied with anything less $15 despite what the frauds posing as longs say here.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • what will you say if PIII results are not good ? Look at CHTP ... They met primary endpoint yesterday and stock is getting slammed.... Pump all you wish, until proven otherwise KERX is a one trick pony and for longs sake it had better deliver otherwise we are looking at a 50 cent stock...

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