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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Feb 14, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    QUESTION: Any chance KERX put it's hand in the cookie jar "AGAIN" with more DATA MINING?


    Hey I'm long and have done my DD, but I'm not totally convinced insiders haven't cherry picked the data again. So I think it's a fare question and a legitimate concern. I'm sure you BAG HOLDERS who chased the high, have been asking yourself the same question, or at least should be.

    So was the 35% price correction to mid 6's followed by a small pop to 7.30's, just a dead cat bounce, or does the DATA got the goods?

    Just sayin........


    ps. Lots of hype here, but if we take out recent support in the mid 6's on high volume to the downside, one should be prepared to protect ones money.

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    • I have been long for some time and am enjoying playing with house money but I did check on results of Phase III. My brother is a professor of biochemistry at an Ivy. He also has reviewed research for most of the major big pharma companies and still works occasionally for one and he was quite impressed with the data. His biggest point which I have made several times on posts was that ferric citrate is really quite inexpensive to make. It is sold at every health store around but not in the same way Kerx has made it. zIn this respect it is like flomax which is just fish oil. But it is the amount of fish oil and its purity that make flomax such a big time drug as all the commercials indicate of TV. Zerinex is the same. It is the amount of the chemical that is delivered, and its unique purity that set it apart. The fact that it is inexpensive to manufacture means that the profit margins will be huge. They have all the patients and all the world wide marketing rights except in some Pacific rim countries and Japan which is a partner. Unfortunately many small time companies are manipulated each day by large investors who can short, or raise price on a stock because of the amount of capital they control. Eventually this will end as the drug will force a buyer to come forward and the price will be set in a market manner. Will this happen tomorrow, I do not know, but I suspect it will happen before NDA approval. Rarely does a phase III result come through will fewer side effects than Zerenex did. In fact the number one patient concern was that in a minority of patients they had black feces. Nearly all toleratedthe drug and many requested to remain on the drug after the study concluded and had to be given special permission to do so, Don't worry about the drug, worry about the manipulation which will continue into the immediate future. Eventually someone will get burnt but it will not be the longs who remember could have lost it all had the drug been a bust. Kerx had nothing else in the pipe line so it was kerx or the toilet. I have waited this long for a profit and will wait a bit longer but it will happen. My buyout price is no less than $13.50 and many longs think I am selling out cheaply.

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    • RG, you sad stupid S.O.B. drop was not about Data. Was about patents. Nobody has ANY doubt about DATA. Your DD needs some serious work. Maybe try a little harder next time. Patents also are locked up tight so stop hoping for a miracle to get cheaper shares. Also, still above 7 punk!!!

    • how do you explain the 60mm buy at 8.49? i suspect they know more than you or me

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