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  • kolemup kolemup Oct 30, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Pumpers, look at your posts last 2 weeks......according toU, stock should have been at $15!!!!~

    I see 10.30 and ready to go 10.20s and this week easily to 9's as I told U so!!!
    Relax and enjoy this great selloff.

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    • How is your farewell tour going? Get everything out you wanted to say before we hear you beg for mercy soon?? We all know that this company is destined to fail as well as their product. I think Ron is looking for another job as we speak. The company will probably pull out of the conference next week since the tests never happened and all the results so far have been made up. You ultimately won the game and we are not worthy. Now what you just heard was all BS. It was actually me delivering your eulogy a week early. You are clueless my friend. Hopefully you will see the light and leave the dark side.

    • I'd still like to know when you plan to cover your $8 short?

    • I would like invite you to visit a stock called ACAD. This is another potential blockbuster just waiting for approval next year of there drug pimivanseran. To give you an Idea, after its initial pop from 2 - 7 bucks due to strong phase 3 results, this stock played quietly in limbo land for several months. Once more eyes began to realize the true market potential of Pimavanserin, the stock ran to 29 bucks! This is without any FDA approval.

      How does this compare to Kerx you might ask? Well I will tell you something, if the Trial 2 results are positive, and zerenex really does help predyalisis patients, the market potential for zerenex will be triple the size of Pimivanserin.... Given that alone kerx could run to 30+ within weeks before tapering off.

      I no longer feel bad for the shorts in this stock.. I feel bad for the brokerage houses who allowed the shorts to take there position... The shorts will go bankrupt and none of the brokerage houses will get paid.... It's going to be nuts...

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