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  • ockerfan ockerfan Nov 10, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    AF changed his tune on AMRN big time

    Yahoo won't let me post the link, but check out Mailbag dated 6/24/11

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    • From AF's Mailbag dated 6-24-11

      Mike J. emails, "Amarin (AMRN_) had great data from a couple of phase III trials, and although the CEO indicated that a partner might not come until 2012, the stock seems to have been unfairly punished -- $19 down to $13.75. I know that a buyout isn't in the cards anytime soon, but this seems a little silly. What are your thoughts?"

      I agree with pretty much everything you write, Mike. The stock took a hit on public comments from Amarin's CEO which seemed to walk back expectations for a near-term deal to be acquired by a larger drug company. [I have heard various interpretations of his remarks, however, some of which dispute the notion that he's changed his tune on a takeout.]

      I had a snarkier suggestion for Amarin's CEO on Twitter.

      I like Amarin. I like Amarin's lipid-lowering drug AMR101. I believe it has blockbuster potential and that the drug supports an Amarin valuation in the low-mid $20s without a takeout. Be patient.

    • lol @ how dumb people can follow a political science major over preeminent Drs. and real analysts working for big firms. Seriously, that guy gives advice to suckers that can't think for themselves or don't have the background to smell BS when they see it. "Sucker born every minute". Good find ockerfan, then again, what do we expect from a poli. science major trying to discuss the scientific merits of new drugs lol just lol. Weak hands that sold on that guys advice deserve to watch on the sidelines as we skyrocket past the $20's into the $30's (as they did back when that idiot was trying to discredit KERX when it was $3.00 then after the phase 3 results when we were down to $7.00 a share and the weak hands have watched it soar to $14's).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • F*** Adam and F*** AMRN, can we talk about something else already?..something a bit more productive like Kerx valuation? does any of you pumpers have any valid models other than "AMGEN prices" rhetoric?

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      • You know gassy, that the only people who refer to positive posters as 'pumpers' are usually shorts, asswholes, or both.

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      • WHY are you asking for information on valuation from posters on this board when you just ridiculed the one you replied to? I think the best valuation you can put on this stock is probably the average of all of the analysts whose full time job is top follow a handful of stocks including Keryx. Currently the price targets range from a low of $16 to a high of $26 with an average of $21. Since the analyst targets are a little more skewed to the higher side, I would think a good valuation would be $21-$22.

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    • AF was very negative about Amylin/Bydureon in Jan 2012 even after FDA approval. He said that if JnJ, a partner in Amylin since 2000, sold back all rights to Bydureon for 1B$, it can't be worth anything since JNJ is an insider and they must know everything about Bydureon and if they sold back the rights, it must be a dud. BMY bought out Amylin 6 months later for 31$, an increase of 20$.

    • he said the he liked AMRN and that its lipid lowering drug had blockbuster potential and supported a low to mid $20's valuation without a takeout.
      It must be great to live in a world with zero accountability.

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