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  • mgm2020 mgm2020 Dec 25, 2013 9:02 PM Flag


    There has been no delay since the Ministry of Health advisory panel recommended approval of JT-751(Zerenex) on 10/30. Any longs that have a chance to buy at this level should add more shares if they have funds, and any shorts that chose NOT to cover will be risking their biggest loss EVER. If you chose to believe the 2nd grade grammatically incorrect and misspelled broken english posts that can not be confirmed by anyone and never provide links(where the actual posts are factually backed and do provide verifiable links) then you really deserve what you get--which will be a loss that you may not be able to recover from---and a margin call you may not want to take. A fictitious post like that lie is actually hurting you more than the longs because while we intend on holding our shares through approval and may even add more, a stupid post like that one stating a blatant lie may cause you to hold your short position longer because you may actually think it is real---and that will cause you immense anguish when you realize too late that it WAS a lie. Save yourself thousands and GET OUT AND COVER AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

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    • I'd like to see some of these shorts write in Japanese. From what I see in their English they heavily depend in Google translate

    • Right on que again. Defending every post that's negative. Don't you think by now true longs ignore this stuff? Why the constant need to correct every lie? You must feel a little unsure if you need to defend EVERY negative post. It's getting old now MGM. You're just as bad as the bashers now in a positive kind of way.

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      • cutugno Dec 26, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

        MGM isn't doing this for the true longs, ones that know what's going on , but for those that don't . I will say this again, I have no problem with the fact that MGM counters the bull cr@p lies put on here. A lot of people look at this board. Imagine if the ones that don't truly follow the stock bought into the blatant lies and bull shet put forth( because they don't do any dd ) and sell. Do we want that? So let him do his thing. MGM knows what he's talking about . A person could learn from him. Zerenex is a wonder drug for at least 20 years. Quit knocking him.

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      • Maybe it's not for the longs who know who every poster here, idiot. Do you think we're the only ones who use this MB? How many hundreds of other shareholders, potential shareholders, or shorts do you think there are who read the posts here but do not contribute themselves? Put me on ignore or don't read my posts. Either that or criticize EVERY POSTER that refutes any of the rediculous lies that the bashers and shorts put up. Just because you have no balls and chose to sit back quietly until you pop in with one of your posted pieces of krap doesn't mean that the more passionate longs like me--and many others---should or will do that. Personally I can't stand the cretins and mentally challenged posters like kolemup and all the others and if unfamiliar visitors to this MB need a little help sorting through their #$%$ then I'm more than glad to oblige. And I encourage everyone else o do the same.

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      • I thought it was just me, MGM supposedly being a doctor’s sounds so pathetically desperate I can’t figure out if he’s working for KARYX or if there’s something up .

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      • "DEFEND" was not what I meant to say. "COMMENTING" on every post was what I meant to say.

    • Thanks for taking the time to inform us.
      Lies are pretty sad and should be illegal.
      Merry Christmas and hopefully a wealthy new year.

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