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  • rhomesolutions rhomesolutions Mar 13, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    What research/white papers are available on buying dividend stocks before ex-div date?

    I'm dabbling with buying stocks right now a week or so before their ex-dividend date and then selling after the dividend is paid. I'm sure there is a lot of research out there on this approach (i.e. it's a good idea, it's too risky, etc.) but I'm having a hard time finding it. Can someone share with me any approaches they use, or any research out there that might be helpful? Thanks-

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    • This well-known strategy is called "dividend capturing". Google it for more information.

    • I've done it, started in July 2011 with varying results but it takes alot of work. Buy before the x date and sell after the x, using a a formula that i've devised with varying but generallky favorable results. was very successful last yr but it takes a lot of work, Picking out possible candidates, screening them researching how they iperform before and after x , determining when to see and having replacement candidates ready after the sale to keep money at work. Buy after the divy announcement and before the x so the divy is a certainly,the risk of course is diminishment in the pps on and after the x date. The schee does work

    • You might try putting together a group of securities you are interested in then tracking the price-dividend histories to see which ones are the most profitable. Some may not change that most pre-post then again those that do may bounce back rather quickly. Write some code on the software and sell ti then you can become wealthy.

    • I can't seem to post any websites, but if you search " buying the dividend " you'll find alot.

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