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  • cspeights88 cspeights88 Feb 17, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    Dont let your emotions break ya

    Love this stock, but after the Q4 reports come out Tues. this stock will fall, guessing mid 4s. So everyone be smart and don't jump in to early. Then load up for the ride. GLTY

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    • Just don't forget one thing and I can see you are...this company just released information that they have record number of REORDERS occurring! I wouldn't wait for a lower pps folks. JMO but just the REORDERS alone will offset the Q4 coming out. I would tell you not to wait. When this baby goes to jump, you will be left chasing!

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      • I didn't forget the news that made this thing jump, but it was one reorder. Yeah it was double from the last order, but two semi's full is small cookies. Go and check the last news. It jumped to around 54, then back down to 36 within days. Just my opinion, and I will reload when the time is right. I am just not going to let my emotions cost me thousands of shares that seem meaningless now, but will be worth so much when it does hit pennyland. GLTA

    • Where do you think this stock - realistically - could be within a few months?

      I've been thinking about getting in, but I've got mixed emotions. I've seen some good and some bad. Seems like there has been a lot of bashing of the CEO, but again, on message boards it's tough to weed through garbage and know for sure whats accurate and what's not.

      Just curious, how much of a concern (CEO) is that?

      On the surface, seems to me the stock has nowhere to go but up, especially if earnings do indeed trickle in with all their distribution partners.

      I tried to ask this question last week, but my post got deleted for whatever reason.

      Just trying to gather more information. Thanks!

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