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  • surfcity061 surfcity061 Mar 2, 2012 10:47 PM Flag

    New To the ATTD Board

    Been watching ATTD since the Walgreen's news.

    Haven't really seen any other real news since. The distributor news just gets the product to the Walgreen's stores, so that's the same news, IMO.

    The 2 truckloads news kind of scared me because that almost seemed like "pumping news."

    The % increase news is just ridiculous. If I sell 1 item today and 10 next week, that's a 1000% increase. Nice %, but still not going to break any earnings records.

    That all being said, I like this company and am considering investing in it.

    Here's my big question and I would appreciate any informed answers to it: If ATTD were to "take off" and their product was to get white-hot, could they handle it?

    What I mean is, let's say the Walgreen's, Florida arrangement works out well and Walgreen's decides to take ATTD's drink nationwide. Or let's say Wal-Mart comes knocking at ATTD's door.

    Does ATTD have the production capability to keep up with that kind of request?

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    • you might want to listen to the STT radio interview with Roy Warren that was on 1-30-2012, it's about a hour and 10 minutes long but will answer alot of your questions

    • They would have to contract out the production to someone that has the capability to produce it. Or, sell out.
      I have some of this stock, but I don't look at it as an investment. Owning ATTD is a gamble and as long as you can afford to lose your money.....

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      • First off, anyone that would look at this stock as a true investment would have to seriously rethink their investment knowledge.

        I have some cash that I'm willing to gamble in the hopes that it might pay off big down the road.

        While trolling through the penny (and less than a penny) stocks, this one caught my eye because it's a real company producing a real product that just may catch on.

        While the Walgreen's contract is great news for starters, we don't actually know the quantity involved in that deal.

        Like I said, my biggest concern is whether or not they can produce if the market is there.

        Is there any way to find out what their production capabilities are?

        Contracting out is fine, but it would significantly cut into the bottom line.

        I like the sell out idea, but I believe it is way too early to hope for that type of situation.

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