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  • jking196809 jking196809 Dec 14, 2012 11:27 PM Flag

    If I "may" speak to john834 for the rest of the group?

    Hi john834. First of all, we all love and support you. We love you "just the way you are"! We accept you "just the way you are"! You are a wonderful person. We truly value you! We take back everything we've ever said that you don't agree with, and more than that, we're truly sorry for "ever" disagreeing with you. You are correct in your thinking... and you always "have" been. We all wish we could "see things" like "you" do! It's safe to say that "we've really never seen what you see"! Maybe..... just maybe someday, we'll "get it" like you! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Sure it would! Just be patient with us and give us a chance. We'll do better, we promise. Isn't that "right" everybody? See john! We all agree! And, we really do love you! And remember, you're right! You are "always right"! Silly us, huh? Come on everybody! Let's "hear it for john834"! Hip Hip..... "HORAAAYYYEEE!!!!" Hip Hip...."HORAAAAYYYEEEE!!!!!" There! I know you feel better now, and you should! You deserve it! Always remember..... "you deserve it"! OH! And, thank you for always point out when we misspell and make sentences with bad sentence structure. We certainly need someone like "you" to help us along. We really appreciate you! We really do! Isn't that "right" everybody? See john! We all agreed again! 100%! And don't worry, when you "talk", we'll listen! We know that your words can truly have an "effect" on us! We're all ears! Again, we're truly sorry for being sooooo wrong. Please forgive us... again. We're sorry for upsetting you. You're right, and we're wrong. always remember that "you are right"! It's everyone else's fault. Everything's gonna be OK now!
    Hey! Let's all raise our Phase III glasses to john834 for a toast! Let's hear it for john834 one more time!
    "HERE'S TO YOU JOHN834!!!!!" DRINK UP!!!!!

    Respectfully Yours,
    In Christ,
    With Love,
    All My Love,
    From All of Us, to "All Of YOU",
    Your Friends,
    The ATTD Message Board

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