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  • retiredontech retiredontech Mar 19, 2001 12:00 PM Flag

    Well, at least the downside is only

    about 6 points. I am adding 500 shares every
    1 point drop. Started at 7.375 next buy 5.375
    Last buy .375! R

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    • WGRD got $4.47 cash in the bank according to Yahoo. Is this correct?

    • you got it...amazing last week we get product of the year award this week we look like we are going out of business...well, I am in the camp that says we are not going out of business so I will hold...we have a very strong balance sheet vs. market cap at this time and even with a huge earnings revision we will more than likely stay above the flat line on earnings...this action screams of irrationality by sellers of WGRD...fear is the word I would use...I bought in at 7 1/2 a few days ago and I certainly would be willing to add to my LONG TERM position if we are to break 5...we had a climax last March, now we are having the anti-climax...this is a good company in a good sector, nothing more nothing put this in perspective, if WGRD earns $0 for the next 5 years then in 2006 they would earn $1/share and you would apply a simple market multiple PE to us in the mid 20's at that time, our stock would be valued in the $25+ range...almost a 500% ROI from current levels...what would you expect WGRD to earn in 5 years from now...think about it...I bet $1/share is a very conservative estimate...time will tell...good luck guys...