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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up May 22, 2009 3:10 PM Flag

    LDK solar way oversold grab it before the bell

    I give you dramatic rises from the coming snapback.

    Traders, hedge funds, mutual funds, chinese traders are hungry for LDK solar at this price.
    Lucky for us LDK is dragging down the entire sector but, what many don't know is it is not as bad as the street expected. That is why the volume is so freaking high because the street is liking this manipulation in LDK and adding.

    Yes STP and SPWRA is being forced down more then it would naturally but not as bad as the games they are playing in LDK.

    I compare it to the last 2 days in Palm, after a downgrade and 6 different hit pieces when it is obvious they will take much higher because the marketcap is 1/40th the cap of rimm and 1/120th the cap of aapl yet Palms phone is better according to the bloggers and tech testers and experts. Youtube palm pre and see for yourself.

    STP at 12, give me a break,anybody that has traded it the last 2 times it ran knows it should be 25 minimum.

    Sunpower SPWRA should be 50 and will go their soon as fast as to leave as many regular guys out of the party as possible.

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