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  • truthtruth222 truthtruth222 Aug 23, 2011 7:25 PM Flag

    Larry Fink rumored to be indicted soon

    Something to do with his scam on the Stuyvescent apartment fiasco. I also heard that there is a huge lawsuit coming from those whom he wiped out when he liquidated Anthracite capital.

    Between Larry Fink and Madoff I don't know who is worse. The sooner Fink heads to prison the better, then I will be off to send another one to the clink. I'll likely go after Lloyd Blankfein next.

    The less of these subhumans there are running wild on Wall Street the better. I am doing my part to expose these people for who they are.

    All of the information is out there. These guys are world class criminals. Look it up.

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    • I suspect that the Blackrock companies are an arm of islam that is using our financial system to bribe and corrupt govt. officals at every level. That jews are involved is criminal and traitorist. But the amount of wealth taken from America and distributed is too much to resist. especially if it is resisted ones family could be at risk. Imagine the coded phone calls to police, judges, mayors, senators, congressmen etc. on when to buy or sell an option on companies that will move 500% the next week. Hey an extra $1Millon is better than a poke in the eye and results in favorable decisions to islam.

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