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  • joebciii joebciii Aug 28, 2001 10:04 AM Flag

    Kot -- please sell!!

    Knot -- I really think you should sell today before you lose any more sleep over this stock. While I know you believe in it as a long term investor, you are currently holding too many shares for your comfort level. Sell 80% of what you have and wait until the market sentiment improves. Maybe in a month or two when we are reporting good news and you are comfortable with the SCIO uptrend, you can buy back in. Losing sleep over this investment is not worth it. Sell today and reinvest in a stock that will not make you nervous watching it every day.

    Personally, I like the fact that I am hearing so much pessimism. I think its telling me that there is no fluff in the stock price now.


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    • Joe: doubleandsellhalf is correct. If I sell I would be wondering if I made the right move. So the bottom line is I worry, period. I still have 90% of my position. I guess you guys are stuck with me unless we really drop.

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      • Dear Knot Sure.
        The price today is the lowest it has been in the last several months. IMHO, smart money is still BUYING. If you are truly knotsure, then average down a little bit, every time the price gets to just above 18. There is at least short term support at 18, which means that some of the many short term shorts out there need to cover, supporting theprice there (Even if they think it will go lower,long term, they still need to sell because of the short term support level on the charts.).
        Just to make your stomach churn, this piggy pup has a one-time history of a quicky down move shake out, from 20 down to 12, as i recall, ( look at 2 year chart), and so the shake out will REALLY spook the nervous nellies. It COULD occur as an accompaniment of a big downward move in the overall market, "just because," and I would view that as another buying opportunity, but look for a similar jump UP afterwards. These individual moves sway the traders, but not the TRUE LONGS. If this were an industrial company (but it's not), it could get bought out for three times its annual income, rcently projected at 300 mill. for the coming year, but probably higher with income from the BNP assay, and other stuff happening. So this should appeal to VALUE investors as well as cognescenti.
        Stay the course, and you will be a winner.
        Good luck to the longs.

    • Problem is that Knotsure can't stop himself from watching.

    • Joe,
      I use these message boards as a barometer for investor sentiment. The weak have been washed out. It won't be long before scio starts moving up a little. This pattern will repeat itself until earnings announcement or partnership agreement. I started a trading position today at $18.05. Will sell at $20 unless I'm inspired to hold longer.


    • but knowing him he will likely lose sleep over how much he COULD have made, if he had only held...

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