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  • sheepwillfollow sheepwillfollow Aug 31, 2001 3:47 PM Flag


    at the end of the day.....Last 15 minutes
    amazing .....MM drops .30 cents in 1 minute after being stable all day at 17.90ish.....

    THE MARKETS really are criminal on a short term
    basis......ITS such a joke.

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    • Why is it MM manipulation? Isn't it plausable that after being up $2 (13%) since yesterday morning that you could see Friday afternoon profit taking. I bought yesterday a.m. at $15.86. I sold 20 minutes ago at $17.91. It was a trading position. Core holdings are intact. I bought at $22, $20 and $18 for core position. Am I not entitled to take some profits? Am I the only one who took some profit or have some others done so as well, thus dropping the price with sells?


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      • well, what can i say....if you are not watching the tape, i guess you are not following.....I guess all the profit takers took their profit in the same lol

        I bought at 15.67...but i am holding to my core
        THIS week was insanity, maybe MDT misread,maybe
        sucked down with the general market...but it
        was way overdone..//Not many folks had opportunity in the 15/ was a matter of minutes....BUT STILL DOWN 12PCT for the WEEK
        I think its at accumulation levels...BIOS usually do well in fall,Winter....And THE BEST NEWS IS AHEAD OF US.......We should start to
        anticipate some of this...shortly

      • Is it profit taking when the ask price drops to 17.59 when the current price was 17.79?

        All it took was a purchase of 100 shares to bring it DOWN to 17.59, that got the whole thing going.
        Manipulation? maybe
        Profit taking - no way!

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