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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Mar 20, 2009 8:10 PM Flag

    treason not paying taxes on US profits?

    A few payroll and property taxes is not the same as paying income taxes on it's American profits.

    Why is NGG taking american profits offshore without paying income taxes an it's US profits?

    If an idividual did that they would be in prison?It's call tax avoidence and drug dealers are charged with it all the time.

    NGG neeeds to start paying INCOME taxes on it's American profits in America.Or be charged with treasonous tax evasion.Property and payroll taxes do not equal INCOME TAX on profits.

    NGG wants all the benifits of doing business in America with out paying it's profit avoidence schemes.......maybe it's time to see NGG pay it's American Taxes on American profits......No one is asking them to pay taxes on profits outside America.Just pay their fair share in Amercia if they truely a good corporate citizen?

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