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  • mysticpaste mysticpaste Nov 11, 2007 9:10 AM Flag

    Democrats and the Battery Initiatives

    Hillary's energy plan also calls for a $10,000 tax credit for plug-in hybrids, $2 billion investment in battery research and 100,000 PHEVs in the federal fleet by 2015. AutoblogGreen is all about green transport but there are some really good ideas about smart power grids development and new law forcing corporations to consider climate change that just might impact large automakers in a green way too.
    [Source: Hillary Clinton's website and tipster OhmExcited]
    Increasing Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards to 55 Miles Per Gallon: Hillary would raise fleet-wide fuel economy standards from the current level of 25 miles per gallon (mpg) to 40 mpg in 2020 and 55 mpg in 2030. By 2030, these tough CAFE standards will save consumers more than $180 billion per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 730 million metric tons. In addition, Hillary would reform the fuel economy system while ensuring that it encourages the continued production of small cars here in the United States. Cars and light trucks account for about 40 percent of the 21 million barrels of oil consumed every day in the United States. Yet the average fuel economy of American cars has stagnated for the last 15 years. And as our country and economy have grown, flat fuel economy has meant increasing dependence on foreign oil, and an untenable foreign trade situation in which the United States transfers funds that are borrowed from China to Saudi Arabia.

    Helping Automakers Meet the Energy Challenge: Domestic automakers face serious competitive challenges due to higher labor costs, older equipment, and higher health care costs than their competition. But they are demonstrating the vision to meet our future energy needs by proposing to build plug-in hybrid vehicles that can run on electricity and flex-fuel vehicles that can run on ethanol. Hillary would authorize $20 billion in low-interest "Green Vehicle Bonds" in order to provide immediate help to retool the oldest auto plants to meet her strong efficiency standards. She will address retiree health legacy costs by providing a tax credit for qualifying
    private and public retiree health plans to offset a significant portion of catastrophic expenditures that exceed a certain threshold.

    Accelerating the Production of "Plug-In" Hybrid Electric Vehicles: - A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a hybrid gas-electric vehicle with a more powerful battery that can be plugged into any regular outlet. It can be filled up at the gas station, and it can be "filled up" at home by plugging it into a standard outlet. Half the cars on America's roads are driven 25 miles a day or less, so a plug-in with a 25-mile range battery could eliminate gasoline use in the daily commute of tens of millions of Americans. A recent study showed that a vehicle powered by electricity releases one-third less global warming pollution into the environment than a gasoline powered vehicle, even if the electricity comes mostly from coal-fired power plants. PHEVs offer the promise of achieving more than 100 miles per gallon of gasoline consumed; and a flex-fuel PHEV running on E85 can potentially get 500 miles per gallon of gasoline. Hillary would invest in research and stimulate demand for the first commercial PHEVs by:

    • Investing $2 billion in research and development to reduce the cost and increase the longevity and durability of batteries;
    • Offering consumers tax credits of up to $10,000 for purchasing a plug-in hybrid; and
    • Adding 100,000 PHEVs to the federal fleet by 2015.

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    • And Hillary will give me 5,000 for my new borns and 5,000 for my IRA and free medical care and OMG Hillary will give me a battery car and days filled with sunshine and Hillary will save the world and Al Gore will save the Milky Way. Come on. The politicians just produce hot air and Co2 emmissions trying to buy your vote and that's all they'll ever buy for you or from you.

      GBT is not about your vote or your political bent so don't take this as a personal shot at your beliefs. What we need more than anything is for this infant industry to grow up and take off on its own merits. I don't want the Washington Hypocrits telling me how to live. I'll never see them riding in coach, riding a bicycle or standing in line at some clinic.

      Is there a need for tax policy to help the "Green Economy? Yes. Politicians control taxation policy and that is a bonafide debate. But the bottom line is this: The Green economy with respect to power production, transmission and use is going to happen because the economy needs it. GBT will benefit obviously from their own efforts like this week's awesome Quarterly financial report but as more and more disruptive auto guys, battery guys and hopefully some or all of the big guys get into our space we will profit in this investment and enjoy some peace in a greener environment. As the "Green Economy" makes dollars and "SENSE" it will make your green investments pay off with or without Hillary or (fill in the blank) politician.

    • This is nice but the money would go to an American company, not gbt. This would actually increase competition and not good for gbt