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  • olehpaco olehpaco Mar 18, 2011 9:51 AM Flag

    Adam's reply

    He replied to my comment on his article...go check it guys are blowing this way out of proportion...don't make this stockabout only one thing....the most imminent issues are the patents, the lawsuit, the FDa, insider buys and recent board addition, alzheimer's is icing on the cake if it ever happens to pay off.

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    • Wow you went really far back didn't you's when you come in and go out of a stock that counts...and both those stocks made me a lot of money, Don't fall in love with a stock, get in early, and leave if it starts to stink. So far this stock doesn't stink.
      I also made a lot in HEB for your info, and that one I knew I had to get out early from the get go, and in Lear before it went BK....that's the name of the game with volatile/spec stocks, and we all hope that one time one of the spec plays pays far I'm very optimistic about this one.

    • olehpaco. Your past stock picks CVM and HLCS were a disaster. Tell us what did you learn from that experience.

    • No I just think it's not good for the stock to talk up all this alzheimer's talk as the only basis for the price movement when the research is in its earliest stages. The fact fact that there is even a possibility of overall body benefit on inflammation is good enough to sell a neutraceutical. It's when you start labeling it as the holy grail of Alzheimer's in early stages (who knows it may be some day) is wrong and subjects you to these kind of articles like Adams'. That's why I don't like the SA articles that make it a sure thing because you know the attacks are coming. Keep it quiet, and let the research do the talking.

    • Nice Job.

      I think his response was off base though, RE the FDA and Tobacco. He seems to like to pose opinions when he doesnt know the facts.
      Sounds like much of what he published was out of his area of expertise.
      In regards to the Trials, Time will tell especially if these rumors hold true. I am still in a little state of Shock over the whole CROC's connection.

    • My thread: "Adam duking it out with James" is along your thoughts expressed here.

    • So, in other words, you like to see your words in print just like the author of the article and want the attention?