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  • android_stocks android_stocks Mar 23, 2011 12:49 AM Flag

    I'm no laywer or anything but read!

    Did CIGX use the same law firm in its trial against RJR which CIGX lost? Who knows?

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    • droid, i guess the next question if the they rule against a new trial or appeal where does it leave star and its patents for low carcinogin tobacco and how much if any does it affect roskamp or as izof put it " the pig (tobacco sector) over the cow (anatabine)" . more clarification on the aftermath of the courts ruling in favor or not. 50k long and strong

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      • I am a Lawyer and will respond to your question. My degree is from Yale Law School (yet I apologize for Hilllary Clinton,,Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas and the fact that the recently appointed Supreme Court Latino-Woman Mouse should have been delegated to the great Scholar Jose Cabranes). Needless to say , I am ashamed of my legal background but we are very smart, so I will tell you the story:
        When we met Jonnie Williams, we did not know whether he was the greatest hypster on earth or a great visionary. We did our due diligence, investigating his background, etc. He had already built a company to $4 billion in eye care but was far more interesting was that as a youth he noticed in wandering the fields of Virginia that animals do not eat tobacco plants. They feed on every other vegetable and food source as pests, yet they leave tobacco plants alone. Why? Because the tobacco is harmful to animals, they sense it, yet we humans smoke it and its inherent poisons as an industry, dumber than animals. Secondly, Jonnie saw that a study over 18 years of stewardesses exposed to constant cigarette smoking on aircraft showed no exposure to certain maladies like thyroid disease. Therefore he surmised there was one good compound and the rest of the poisons could be eliminated through a special curing process that would vacuum pack the poisons out of the tobacco leaf in curing. His job became to discover, isolate, and patent the one good thing about tobacco, the molecule that brings good from tobacco! And eliminate the poisons.
        I attended the annual meeting of shareholders in Washington , DC. Nobody else was there, except Star”s support team which appear to be all qualified Harvard types. Quality people if you excuse the fact that they went to Harvard.
        The legal issues: Now that the PTO has ruled upon RJR’s ex parte application to invalidate Star’s patent in favour of Star, ruling no “previous art“, RJR have hoisted there own petard. (an analogy to medieval warfare). That means that RJR should have withdrawn their ex-parte application to invalidate the patents because they had already won twice at trial level (using morally questionable subterfuge). What these fools did is leave the door open for the appellate court to boot the case out with the PTO ruling , giving Star a total victory and an infringing claim against RJR and every other manufacturer who used the process (Billions$$?). What will happen in the future is that RJR will probably lose. Then they will ask the appellate court for an “en Banc” hearing involving 15 appellate court judges reviewing the decision of the 3 judges. Denied in 99% of cases. Then of course, they will seek Certiorari before the Supreme Court, denied 99.9% of the time. These decisions are made between 30-90 days, so RJR will run out of options within 60-180 days. Even if they won, it is only 2 years of a multi year infringement. After that it is party time for Star Scientific and Jonnie will be vindicated as a genius with foresight. With my homework scrumptiously done, knowing the man who powers this venture with his own money, and hires the best that Harvard has to offer (no insult intended), I believe this CIGX stock will be a storybook stock, going far beyond what we could guess today.
        My humble opinion, backed by a great education, super thorough due diligence, personal knowledge of the players, friends on Wall Street who have dug deep and deeper into the CIGX story, and are bullish, I am of the opinion that there is tremendous upside potential for this stock-ricstro33 (I rarely blog)

    • No!!! New Lawyer Firm & Lawyer Carter Philips was retained AFTER! Carter Philips is one of the best in his field & with one of the largest firms!