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  • norbertdt norbertdt Jan 12, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    Crohn's case update

    Perhaps doc's should be compensated more on improving a patients condition rather then prescribing tests which more often then not are negative. I know I would be willing to pay more to a doctor for his advice and effort if he improves my life. No this won't work too simple and results are too sujective.

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    • You're not far off, norbert. They now cater to more well heeded clients with specialists at 'Life Extension' facilities doing just what you suggested.

      Insurance tried to go there yrs back with giving a Dr. an 'allowance' annually to 'keep pts'' healthy. If they did more tests, saw more specialists it came out of the PCP's 'salary' or yearly pay limit from an HMO.

      Trouble was Dr.'s were reluctant in some cases to refer out because they KNEW they'd lose $ and so would 'assume' someone was ok when they were not. Happened to my brother in law, he was put off for months and when he finally went to the ER he had 3rd stage Liver Ca from a Met thrown from colorectal Ca, missed 6 months earlier and thereafter by his PCP who ignored his complaints. He did 6 wks after going to the ER one night in severe pain.

      Many Dr's are great folks, like us all, some are all too human.