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  • cigx1967 cigx1967 Jan 30, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    why would anyone in there right mind continue to short this stock

    thoughts? are they completely trapped, are they being funded by rjr, mo ,low, are all three. Are they in complete denial or are they just plain stupid. Anatabloc is going to change the whole medical community it might be the holy grail

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    • You said Right mind shorts are Left mind people who mothers didn't love and hold them, but the world needs all of us or the market would be boring and only go up. Now how sad would that be?

    • Whatever the reason, you need to be a moron to be short this stock. $2.87 of upside and $50+ of downside.

    • a bit of all those reasons. mainly UNBELIEF, though. a few believe day, many others will believe, but it will be too late. the window is now and soon closing, imo. :(

    • Here's one possible reason why some might continue to short CIGX:

      They shorted before, at 2.50 - 2.55, and then worked it down to 2.10 or so. Covered. Pocketed profits. Rinse. Repeat. I lost track of how many times CIGX went up to 2.50's, then retreated.

      So, given that profitable scenario, some who shorted at in the 2.50's are now thinking:

      "This new price level is a gift from GOD! It'll fall back down to the 2.50's (or lower) once the enthusiasm wears off in the next few days to few weeks. And then I'm good as gold again."

      Some do think like that. Some do look at the number of outstanding shares and calculate what Star must earn to turn a profit, and they see it as being far away (without, of course, any tobacco money).

      Some shorts think they have a window in which to short: the window between now and an announcement of a tobacco settlement, which they calculate at 9-12 months, minimum.

      So, there's just one reason why shorts might still be shorting. And, believe it or not, some shorts are actually short-sighted. :)

    • of diluted shares and you think its shorts. There is not enough years in your life to clear that dilution