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  • clarient_voyant clarient_voyant Feb 1, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

    Anatabloc available at GNC! They have 7300 stores

    Vitamin Shoppe has about 400 stores locally and adding new locations every month...of course getting this on the shelves of Walgreens,CVS,Rite Aid,Walmart and Target would be monumental exposure....Pricing appears to be on the high side for a "non drug" but in comparison to the standard FDA approved drugs,pretty reasonable at 50-100$ a month use...

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    • This product was VETTED by GNC. It was no willy nilly decision by GNC to place it in their stores. I know it works because I take it and the rest of the world will know pretty soon also. To all Star investors... the next couple of weeks should be fun!

    • Slow down folks. Is Star not simply setting itself up for failure at $80-$100 a pop? Some of us iside our small sphere of insight will take a $100 flyer, but what about the average person shopping in this VERY crowded space?!
      A much lower price would attract a wider audience, get the word out faster (and perhaps less costly than marketing!), and provide more notariety and lead to greater reveue.
      Let's hope Star is not making a shortsighted and costly decision here, looking for an exaggerated price point rather than gaining customers at reasonable prices.