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  • adeiflig adeiflig Mar 1, 2012 9:54 PM Flag

    $ 20,000 Bet on March 2nd puts....

    Someone bought 4,000 March puts at 5 cents,, this is a $ 20,000 investment.

    With writ of centori, I believe that RJR has said, NO DEAL. There is also issue of financing pointing to no deal since firm would not need to give incentive to exercise warrants if RJR was going to pay, it doesn`t make sense.

    What makes sense is thaRJR walked away and firm needs money for more litigation hence March 2 puts were bought.

    A writ of centori is known as an act of war, so how can their be settlement if one party has become hostile again.

    Selloff imminent once people realize implications.


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    • We've been barraged by feeble attempts at downplaying the sales momentum of Abloc,along with disinformation pertaining to the settlement talks...It is not working because we are well informed and have a great group here who actually do DD;we won't be swayed by distortion and lies...

    • Agreed.

      It would appear that a short with some cash made a very very hasty decision to short options instead of the underlying, thereby gaining leverage with options.
      Only to then figure out that in their haste that the very same leverage has worked against them.

    • the open interest has been in the 2-3k range for a while. Obviously it was a bad trade, or at best a breakeven. Star will be NO WHERE near $2 in the next 9 days or any time thereafter, IMHO.

    • In the United States, less than 5% of the requests for a writ of certiorari are granted, due to the high volume of requests and the busy court schedule. In Supreme Court shorthand, this is a “Cert. Denied".

    • the.familyman Mar 1, 2012 10:26 PM Flag

      adeiflig - "A writ of centori is known as an act of war..."

      Actually a writ is usually thought of as the last act of a desperate loser...

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      • No need to get hostile on your responses. I am pointing out the obvious that RJR will file a writ of centori which is only done to squash a decision. This procedure itself will stall the negotiations since Supreme Court will have to review the case. In the meantime, CIGX needs money so they make a strange deal, looking as if they are desparate for cash. They ask warrant holders to give $ 12 million and as an incentive they are forced to give more warrants. If RJR was to pay billions then, why would CIGX bother with the warrants, it doesn`t make sense.

        RJR has probably told the magistrate that all negotiations are off pending review by writ of centori. This will burn up 6 months to 9 months. Then they return to the table and burn another 3 to 4 months negotiating before they tell the Judge no deal, we are going to court. Court then takes another year to be heard. In the meantime, RJR goes through all of the motions to stall. CIGX may win and then RJR appeals, which appeal takes another two years. CIGX may win again and, RJR goes to Supreme Court.

        All in all, RJR will never pay, it will be 5 to 8 years before you get any news of this case.

        This is just my honest opinion. No wonder there were so many March 2 puts bidded on.

        Must be a leak.


      • Act of war? Haha

        "Petitioners should consider a writ of certiorari a technique of last resort."

    • With all due respect, this post couldn't possibly misunderstand the nature of settlement negotiations any more if it tried. There is literally no upside to telegraphing an intent to settle (so there goes your theory about the application for cert being an indication that settlement isn't happening) and you never ever under any circumstances put yourself in a position in which you need a settlement in order to operate (obliterating your speculation about the new financing). To do either is weak and hurts your bargaining position.

      Of course Reynolds applied for cert. there is no downside to it except legal fees and the cost for that petition was probably the equivelant to a rounding error on their worldwide legal fees.

      Both star and RJR will settle this on the right terms. The only question is whether their visions of what those terms are can be made to overlap. Given the briefing schedule, it is unlikely that the parties themselves know whether that is the case. I mean, if they already know hen what is the point to mediating it?

      Another thing to consider--It will certainly cost Reynolds more in legal fees to go through this mediation than it did to file for cert. So it is impossible to draw the conclusion that this process is somehow all for show while their real hope lies with the application to the Court.

      Also-a "writ of centori" may be known as an act of war, but you should find a way to separate your science fiction viewing from your random bashing. It isn't a legal term.


      On the other hand these long trades below DID happen today.

      Lets see do I trust JP Morgan and Wells Fargo for millions of dollars or your 20k phantom trade that did not happen.


      321,860 $ $6,574,827.80

      12:04 PM ET
      417,900 $4.03 Avg Cost 1.065 $72,137.00 $1,676,000

      12:04 PM ET
      12:04 PM ET

    • Star discovered a natural highly effective NF-kB inhibitor (Anatabine/Anatabloc) that can treat dozens to hundreds of inflammatory related conditions. stock is going to $50-$100 soon regardless of the lawsuit side-show

    • or the insider that just put up 12m at $4.05 knows sales are going awesome an and company needs money to keep up with demand until RJR forks over 300m and royalties.....

    • guess hate to break you bad news. check another site besides yahoo. That 4k sale has been there for several days. There was no trade for 4k of options sale.

      Please short away. Please.