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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Mar 17, 2012 2:31 AM Flag

    Nuke John from IV, is predicting >5,000

    While hunting for order numbers on the IV site, I occasionally read NJ's posts, and they are ALWAYS super super duper optimistic. In my view, he gives longs a black eye with his endless pumping.

    We will know from our collection of order numbers if his forecast for online orders comes to pass. If that doesn't happen, neither will the rest of his forecast.

    So, you and I may be marked down in history as the "ones who refused to believe in Star" if NJ is right on the money.

    Here's why I think it will take longer:

    The exponential 'hockey stick' curve of rising sales won't occur until Star can officially state what the benefits of Abloc are, and that won't occur until the publication of the Flint study in spring/summer 2013. Only then can they go on TV and really make the case for the product. Only then can they get on Dr. Oz, or Oprah, or some other celebrity's show and start a stampede to the product.

    The opposing point of view, to be fair and balanced, is that word of mouth testimonials and the internet will take Abloc viral long before 2013.

    I think word of mouth will cause sales to rise, but won't cause the hockey stick explosion.

    Bottom line for me: I hope I am proved wrong.

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    • For a nutriceutical on a shoestring budget, I think we are doing
      extremely well. It's entirely demand driven. Pharma companies say
      that a physician has to be exposed to a drug name about 26 times before they remember it...

      An interesting story of how Lipitor almost wasn't. Discovered in
      1985, clinical testing in 1992, launched in 1997. The fifth statin
      introduced in a crowded marketplace. Interesting read:

      The point is we are like 1985, 1992 and 1997 rolled into one
      with the benefit of being a nutriceutical and social media. And in
      times when a 30 minute social conscience video about a warlord in
      Uganda can garner 80 million plus views in a week the possibilities
      are ripe. I do think if we do get a tobacco settlement, a bulk of
      it should go into marketing. I do also think if it works out there
      will be me-too competitors and will get a hard to refuse hostile
      takeover from a major.

      But for only having Nuke John, Patrick Cox and the dentist Fassel
      really shaking the pom poms up to now, we are doing extremely well.
      And now it's up to Fred Couples, The Tennis Players and the company
      to take it to the next level. Do we hit the hockey stick before the
      physicians and insurance coverage are allowed to get involved- who
      knows, but a solid maybe.

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      • Good insights, nohillsf, I agree!
        The medical field concerning adoption of a new substance, even one that has undergone study and testing runs at Glacial Speed. That venue is not the answer but it was VERY well to begin there and show respect, no fear and belief in the power of product to effect change. It was and remains also AWESOME to win respect from the medical establishment and we are already a good bit down that road. But our path to glory is beginning without the coronation of the good ole boys at the clubhouse.
        That was why we dropped InVentiv, they did the door to door, out to lunch visit thing.
        JH, Roskamp, Studies Flint/Pisa etc., vital and wonderful-> that they are going and look amazing is good enough for now, knowing they will and must take time to be done and done correctly to hold water.
        It was/is a necessary step part of the foundation needed.

        You nailed it, Social Media! Advertising, endorsements
        Word Of Wireless took over word of mouth and has given it the Earth as a platform.
        This is the New Age we moved into.

        Look back about what, 8 wks or so the Forbes ONLINE story about the gal with MS who is a mother and became a runner and climbs mountains. And her friend is a female cardiologist at, was it Berkley, and that physician takes Anatabloc and has a friend with MS who does and told this runner/climber Lady with MS about Anatabloc and said it may help to slow or halt progression of MS symptoms as an AI within the nervous system.

        That 50 yrs ago would have been
        one Dr. talking to one patient or 2 and they in turn MAYBE to 1 or 2 in a long time frame.


        One may become hundreds, thousands or millions.

        I read the story and shared it with an MS patient I treat and she has others she will share it with and it lends tremendous credibility to Anatabloc and Star Scientific.

        Taking it to the streets of Main Street and social media coupled with the likes of Fred and many others...we step out and up.

        Oh, yeah and the why is because of what we all know--->Anatabloc works wonders for many human afflictions and humans abhor suffering illness.

        It does no harm, helps many conditions, enhances wellness and supports AN ACTIVE PHYSICAL LIFESTYLE!

        2012 the year of Stars greatness

      • I have another post that awful yahoo won't allow, so I'll try in pieces ... apologies >>


        I guess I can agree with chipper and you both.

        We are doing extremely well, and it will likely be more of a slog than NJ thinks.

        However, RE

        "The exponential 'hockey stick' curve of rising sales won't occur until Star can officially state what the benefits of Abloc are, and that won't occur until the publication of the Flint study in spring/summer 2013. Only then can they go on TV and really make the case for the product. Only then can they get on Dr. Oz, or Oprah, or some other celebrity's show and start a stampede to the product."

        That is, unfortunately, likely overly optimistic too, sorry to say. You are leaving out the part where, only after sufficient scientific studies are on hand, then Star must go to the FDA and hammer out what THEY WILL ALLOW Star to say when making claims.

        So there won't be just an explosion of Star PR as soon as ANY study results come out. They will have to be hidden away in scientific journals until FDA approves of some statement, and even at that the statement will be very limited and no embellishment is allowed.

    • while I agree that something big has to happen for the sales to reach those levels, Im not certain that we have to wait for publication. Flint is certainly the big study occurring, but others are as well, and results from those other them will help. Also dont underestimate the power of celebrity endorsement. Bottom line, with midterm results on Flint coming summer 2012, with the right marketing and endorsements, that could set off a firestorm of its own. One thing for certain, first quarter 2012 has been a HUGE positive surprise in news so far. There has been a firestorm of news this past 2 months, so I dont discount the possibility of quickly rising sales.

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      • rick and others on this topic, it seems we need to remember who nuke john is.

        He knows Anatabloc works and so CROWS about it. He knows once those who have an issue and use it WILL SEE FOR THEMSELVES it works. He is a BELIEVER and feels THAT will MAKE IT EXPLODE with a critcal mass threshold this year.

        He suffers from Rhumatoid Arthritis and has been on the two most helpful but also dangerous drugs for its treatment. It is an often very aggressive, very progressive destructive inflammatory disease that literally destroys joint surfaces and often also affects internal organ health as well in its ravages and due to damage from medications used to 'control' it.

        Many, many of my rehabilitation patients over the years have had multiple joint replacements because of its destructive nature. Fingers, shoulder, hips, knees; some patients with all of these replaced and cardiac issues and fragility of other systems. They often become very weak, unstable in gait and some, kids as well, wheel chair bound and unable to function independently. Cost to personal independence and for care are nothing short of staggering for those with whom it is aggressive.

        I could go on and on.

        What did he write about his experience with Anatabloc?

        How amazing it is.

        He has cut back on one of the potentially dangerous medications and I believe, [not sure wihtout looking it up] he said stopped taking the other completely.

        I am not going to look it up now, anyone can find the Seeking Alph story in which he discussed it.

        He was unable to play 9 holes of golf without severe flareup for days after. With Anatabloc he played I believe 2 18 hole games WITHOUT major flareup after spending a weekend with his 2 kids golfing.


        He is the living human who has the same disease I just described and he knows well what it does and can do.

        He told us and how many others?
        How many others who HAVE RH A will tell others?
        How long before several of those told will try it as the side effects of the Methotrexate or Humira or other drugs are giving them major problems and why not see if it works?

        It may take a little longer as many of these people have to be closely followed by Rheumatologists, blood work and are afraid to do something the Dr. does not know about or approve of.

        But some will and with good result others will.
        Stakes are high with some diseases because they can be so damaging and aggressive.
        Nuke John is doing amazing on Anatabloc.

        He is a fan from its help with a major Auto Immune Disease.
        He KNOWS what antabloc CAN DO FOR OUR HEALTH.

        Now, my point, what happens when some hard core sufferers DO TRY IT and IT HELPS THEM?
        Then they TELL OTHERS.

        And the Social Media thing happens.

        Lastly but very important.
        Where are the negatives?

        We are just NOT SEEING THEM.

        No scores complaining of adverse drug interactions. No scores complaining of extreme allergic reaction. No scores of sudden death or stroke or heart attack or loss of vision or hearing or balance or dry eye or incontinence or impotency or sterility or heart disease or kidney failure or...But with regular medications? Great we have them but many issues.
        Remember every year in America alone
        100,000 people die from Iatrogenic disease.
        Meaning from some form of Treatment they are getting that goes wrong or they react to in a terrible way or interaction not caught or infection while hospitalized etc.

        With everyone taking Anatabloc it is SAFE. People on the blood thinner Coumadin are on Anatabloc and there is no issue. Dr. Ladenson from Johns Hopkins I believe fielded that question and a women in attendance offered her story on coumadin.

        Caps for emphasis not yellin:)

      • And at some point, achieving "hockey stick" type of product demand is going to require the release of clinical trial data.

        I am reading a variety of posts about when we will see some published results from the Flint study.

        Last Fall, it was "Spring 2012" then that morphed into "Summer 2012" now I read posts stating that it will be "Spring 2013."

        Sorry for my lack of DD in this area - can anyone comment with some certainty as to these two questions:

        1) when we will get some "official" results out of the Flint study?

        2) does the release of data from one clinical trial study tend to purloin the data for another study taking place in a different location?



    • One of several reasons why I enjoy your input chipper.


      1-'Show me the money!'


      2-"Bottom line for me: I hope I am proved wrong."