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  • halljohn471 halljohn471 Dec 11, 2012 11:45 AM Flag

    STSI will not break 3.20 dump it..The maret is up 120 points ..this POS up .01 enough said


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    • DUMP IT

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    • Baggies will learn the hard way

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    • actually you have said nothing, the price is not driven by the general market forces, this is a special situation which has two factors, the first is the impending news and the second is the expected imminent short squeeze

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You do know that pro and especially your con rants are just that, yelling into the wind?

      Buyers have been chasing price from sub 2 to now over 3 and are happy to buy in larger lots on pullbacks and higher when such pressure exists from buyers.

      Until JH Study breaks we have a new level to base from. Lots of eyes and $ are waiting for news, not yours or anyone elses scam fear mongering.

      BT is yesterdays argument. There is a story evolving around an at a bloc and why a growing core of longs are here.

      I hear positives regularly from those who take an at abloc and are surprised at things it helps them with, clear sinuses, fewer colds, diminished spasm from MS, less arthritic pain, no or reduced nocturnal getting up for the bathroom, hard finger nails, great dental checkups, clearer skin, more energy, less muscle fatigue, no gum sensitivity, and the list goes on.

      Then there are all the Study subjects such as CRP for Cardiac health, Thyroid, TBI -traumatic Brain Injury-, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's and so many others in time. Every day more people try it and tell others.

      Some look at valuation, we get your argument...

      ..some, look at The Paradigm Shift it IS with the above behind it.

      What we did find out from Flint alone will in time support millions of users coming to an at abloc for a longer healthier life. Why? With all the other benefits it will draw eyes and interest and support from even the medical community. One product can do so much, in one word--- YES.

      Inflammaging--- The fountain of youth my friend. 130 forms of cancer start with abnormal inflammation. Cellular division ultimately erodes the quality of our genetic material and brings on ultimate death. An at a bloc appears to prevent telomer damage and may prolong life for this reason alone as well. Would you really bet against this as more support argues that it is such? Now are just early adopters, in time as more try it and look at the growing numbers, it will advertise itself.

      You said, 'DUMP IT'

    • Do you have a dump preference or do you like being in the dump.