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  • riprising riprising Jan 3, 2013 12:06 AM Flag

    Anatabloc availability

    Anatabloc availability - From Ladyboilermaker on Investorvillage

    Bought last bottle today at local GNC.

    Friend ordered online and was told out of stock, no new shipments for a few days.

    So is that good news or poor inventory control?

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    • Got my delivery right on time. Same time from recurring order to delivery on front steps. Plus 1 day for holiday. No issue here.
      GNC anecdotal stuff was 100% wrong a few months ago. Based on last quarter sales and Chipper orders there was not the sales at GNC that the anecdotal stuff would have had you think. Either that or the GNC sales are part of the online order numbers we follow.

      I'll wait until we get this quarter sales figures to see what GNC is or isn't doing in sales. Order number rate of increase is pretty impressive last 3 weeks.

      Looking forward to Hopkins thyroid stuff

    • "As to product not being available at GNC and/or delayed from Star, -----------------"

      I'm not sensing an out of stock situation at Star.

      The curious issue to me is why we are getting so many reports from board contributors indicating their visits, ( including mine ) to their local GNC stores showed an out of stock situation at that particular GNC store. It feels to me like something needs to be fixed within GNC OR between Star and GNC. Keeping in mind that our understanding is that the Anatabloc product in the GNC stores, etc. is on consignment.

      If Anatabloc is flying off of GNC's shelves, then get more product on the shelf. Increase restock orders to twice per week rather than once per week. Etc., etc., etc.

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    • As to product not being available at GNC and/or delayed from Star, I would think the company owes its shareholders an explanation if this 'situation', whatever it is, has a material effect on revenue and earnings. As long as the 'situation' remains the same, while the company remains silent, we can sit here all day and think of causes for the shortage.

      For example: what if, due to the increasing popularity of Abloc, over the holidays somebody(-ies) broke into the storage rooms and made off with several months' supply?

      Or: A company warehouse worker, alone at the site during the holidays, decided to start selling Abloc out of the trunk of his car thanks to his pilfering of product that was supposed to go in the mail.

      Or: Product in transit from manufacturing site to dispensing site was either destroyed due to accident.

      Or: Somebody made a complaint to the FDA about a potential 'bad' side effect, which caused the manufacturing site to be shut down and investigated.

      Or: Somebody (some company or hospital) put in an order for 100,000 bottles of Abloc and that order sucked all the supply out of the supply chain.

      I could go on, but you get the idea: we're spitting in the wind until our board investigators tell us the 'shortage' is over, or until the company comes clean with a PR.

      I sure hope the company isn't holding anything back from us. Would TT confirm or deny the existence of a shortage of product?

    • "Today is the 10th day and @ 5:45 pm CST, I have yet to receive my order."

      Just received order @ 6:40 CST.

      10 days from Orange, CT to Texas. Slow mo is better than no mo !

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    • Automatic refill order bottle of 200 ct. nonflavored -- monthly
      12/25/2012 - Order created. Cr. card charged.
      12/25/2012 Shipment pending Sent order to shipping center.
      12/27/2012 Automatic -- Your order has shipped:

      The above is off of my acct. on the Anatabloc website.

      Today is the 10th day and @ 5:45 pm CST, I have yet to receive my order.

      Hmmm ?

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    • "I ordered online GNC yesterday- the all natural one bottle- back order for 2-4 weeks is what GNC said------"

      That would mean to me that STSI can't keep up. STSI is keeping enough inventory to fill their direct website orders and filling GNC last.

      Why would GNC run out of stock and be out of stock in their stores if STSI is still providing Anatabloc on consignment, unless STSI can't keep up with demand? And, if STSI can't keep up with demand, I go back to my previous post ------------- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly !

      Side bar point ---------
      And, since the STSI sales & marketing executive is getting a % off of the gross sales, he needs to get his act together since there are way to many GNC reports coming in on the "out of stock" subject.

      For crying out load, you can't book sales and make a profit if you have NO PRODUCT TO SELL !

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    • I ordered online GNC yesterday- the all natural one bottle- back order for 2-4 weeks is what GNC said-

    • riprising,
      You wrote that your friend "ordered online and was told out of stock". What he/she ordering thru the GNC website or Star's website? I can understand the GNC site being out of product, but Star itself at HQ being out of product would be, um ... fascinating.
      Thanks for enlightening us if you can.

    • "new order -- 01/02/2013 A2013617653685 Payment received 3"

      Hey rip, your info. from IV is inconsistent with this Yahoo board post of a few minutes ago.

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    • That would be the good, the bad and the ugly!

      Good -- Demand is high and sales have climbed.

      Bad --- Poor Holiday planning on available inventory

      Ugly -- Out of stock and missing orders ! ! ! ! !

      Come on Johnnie, take the orders on "back order" crank up the A-bloc production and fill them ASAP !

      Don't miss even one order !

      Side bar point -- I was in a mall GNC (Texas) around Dec. 15th and they had two empty A-bloc boxes on the shelf. The young lady checked behind the counter and confirmed they were out. [ Because of price of the product and shop lifting, they keep the real product behind the counter.] Said order should be in sometime during the next week. She was knowledgable about A-bloc and said they usually got in about 10 bottles per shipment. Said product was selling well and hard to keep in stock.

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