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  • drumbussward drumbussward Jan 13, 2013 7:08 AM Flag

    It's a shame


    JH delivers the news the longs were expecting and the stock goes down. What is going on? Here is the news that the faithful was looking for and the stock responds negatively.

    What is going on? Why?

    Well let me enlighten you. Wall Street does not take Star seriously. The key is management. For 10 plus years Star promised it had big T dead to right and they definitely positively infringed. Star loses round one. Then on to round two and the big promise of a significant settlement. Paulie tells everybody that he is gratified that there will be a resolution of this case and a win win for both parties. So what happens? Star is shown to have a pop gun instead of a howitzer and are kicked in the scrotum with a nuisance settlement which was hidden due to a gag order to shield the huge embarrassment and possible third party suits for management incompetence and negligent waste of corporate assets.

    Wall Street has zero confidence that management can successfully lead Star to significant success. Further, it is well known that Jonnie is a devious con man and has treated himself and friends to substantial advantages not available to the regular retail long. Just look at the latest funding. Then these rascals turn around and lend practically free shares to the shorts making ridiculous fees for doing so with almost infinite returns.

    With all this and lack of showing the money, far in the future breakeven and continued studies without end, why would new money come in when the stock price is sure to go lower. Then the ultimate slap in the face. Rosskamp is preparing for a possible sale. What a no confidence vote!

    No wonder the pps suck and will go lower.

    Don't buy now. Wait to buy if you have to in the mid ones. Then you can lend out just like Jonnie and friends while waiting for the stock to claw back to the mid twos and maybe three.

    That's my advice and I am sticking to it.

    Best of luck
    Your friend

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