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  • norbertdt norbertdt Jan 18, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    We have new sports endorsement, the door is

    How many patients do you have and have they all responded favorably? Money changers, however, are very smart.

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    • Because you ask, I am very busy with patients norbert. I do all manual work in practice, it is time intensive and very rewarding. People appreciate the time, the hands-on and expertise in all aspects of their rehab. Authenticity and experience is never out of style. I know you know that with your background.

      I have shared the abc story with many who I have known a long time and also with some new who have difficult medical problems. Of those who use it only one stopped because she has extreme sensitivity to all medications and it aggravated her reflux, as many other meds do. She has MS and it helped her leg and back spasm, she switched to unflavored and it still happened. That is the only side effect I have encountered since Aug 2012 when it rolled out. No complaints from any others and all who I see and use it say they will continue. One corporation head and old friend/client, when he comes in empties his pockets so we can work and I smile seeing the abc dispenser on the shelf. My wife had it a little but by having it with food and starting on a smaller dose she can now take 6 and on an empty stomach and feel fine. Her heals are still "Cured" of 30 years of fissure cracked heals from abc. Gum sensitivity gone for us all. I have a good head of hair but I swear I have darker hair where I was losing a little. My Grey is still grey though. Sinuses great, colds near none existent and that is amazing for me with chronic sinus congestion prior to abc. My Labrador 10+ is happier and stronger and healthier then I could ask for and he is on 2/day am/pm feeding. He survived a tough surgery and stomach ulcer and his outcome was guarded 3 years ago. You'd never know now.

      I am here because I know it works and read as soon as it came out all the research they did in toxicology studies and now see the real studies coming along as well. Best to you my cyber friend sorry you need endure that alias basher abuse.