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  • baycafe baycafe Jan 25, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Seriously people get real


    A-bloc has been on the market for some time. If this mint was a cure for Alzheimers or even helps stabilize the disease do you actually believe the PPS would be sditting at this price being attacked by the shorts on almost a daily basis. Fact is no one living in reality truly believes their claims. Big money would be all over this company if the claims were true. Jonnie wouldn't have to fund the scheme himself. He could just sit back and collect his million dollar salary and keep awarding himself a boatload of Options. You Jethros deserve this stock.

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    • They love jonnie, so keep buying and keep loooooozzzzzzzzeeeeennnn

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Or perhaps exactly opposite is true, in which case you should get real? Generally speaking, is it not amazing that a company with less than 2M in revenue per Q is so resilient at such a high 300M market cap? How do you explain that? It is not plausible to think that this is because the product (more and more research reports seem to confirm) works and therefore more and more people believe it? Once they believe they simply cannot pass up the opportunity to participate in this play, regardless of the current, difficult to justify market cap, because of the potential upside. It is an option that does not expire while the end game becomes more and more clear with each published medical paper.

      As for the 'big money', the nature of institutional investors is that it is often younger and less experienced analysts looking at plays first. Then they need to propose and justify their proposals to investment committees. They are generally afraid to pitch something where the valuation is so much outside the norm. Their primary drive is to protect own credibility and minimize career risk and only second to that comes proposing outstanding plays. If revenues continue to grow, valuation will become easier to digest and this situation will change. This is true for big money in general, but there are always some institutions who do dare to take bold positions early on and that is why we have some 30% institutional ownership already. This non-negligible level of institutional ownership, given the early phase and difficult valuation, may actually be a sign that they have some reliable indications that the product works. Institutions always know more than retail investors because they have dedicated people, they can fly them to locations, they can talk to key people in trade shows and scientific meetings, utilize 'Expert Networks'. We cannot know how much of that is already going on in this case, how many research analysts are already hard at work and preparing their pitch to investment committees. Sometimes they research for a year or two before they pull the trigger. Their research budget is far greater than research budget of some blogger in a financial media house.

      Finally, if you were the CEO and if you knew about the effectiveness of your product, would you not prefer to own the most equity you can afford? Why would you go to institutions? Would you instead not prefer to take it private, own all of it, and stop wasting time on quarterly filings and the media circus? So much time and resources could be redirected toward science.

    • Exactly, just smells bad, doesn't it? Why the hell would we be at these levels? It's not the shorts. People have lost their mind here.