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  • jfrs95 jfrs95 Jan 30, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

    Adam says Lipitor is better than Anatabloc. hmmm Anatabloc = No Side Effects. Lipitor... =/

    Mild Lipitor Side Effects
    There are “usually” no Lipitor side effects; however, 16.7% users are known to develop adverse reactions to the drug. Most common are – tenesmus, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, colitis, gastroenteritis, upset stomach, gastritis, pain in the abdomen, dyspepsia, heartburn, increased appetite, vomiting, decreased appetite that can lead to anorexia, cheilitis, dry mouth, and nausea. These side effects are extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant, but not life-threatening. Moderately Severe Side Effects
    Side effects of a neurological nature can include muscle spasms, paresthesias, tremor, tactile hypersensitivity, tinnitus, fainting, dizziness, loss of memory, nightmares, insomnia, depression, emotional debility, and anxiety. If you have been prescribed other medications, be sure to communicate this to your doctor as serious side effects may emerge when you combine prescriptions.

    General Lipitor side effects include weight loss or gain, dry eyes, headache, weakness, and tiredness. Lipitor side effects can also impact your skin with conditions such as photo toxicity, seborrhea, acne, sweating, dry skin, and hair loss. Side effects of a musculoskeletal nature include stiff neck, arthritis, joint pain, back pain, and myalgias.
    Lipitor side effects which impact the respiratory system may include cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, stuffy or runny nose, mild pharyngitis, and fever. Side effects of a urogenital nature can be erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and pain in testes. Lipitor may also induce allergic reactions, which happens with many other drugs as well. These reactions can manifest as anaphylactic shock, anaphylactoid reaction, anaphylaxis, angioedema, unusual hoarseness, swelling of throat, tongue, lips, face, eyes, hands and mouth, tightness in chest, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, severe dizziness, itching, urticaria and rashes. These all are serious reactions and medical attention should be sought immediately.

    Toxic reactions are also possible with Lipitor, which includes bullous rash as first sign of erythema multiforme, epidermal toxic necrolysis, and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. These also very serious reactions need medical attention immediately.

    Rare Lipitor Side effects
    Certain side effects have been observed only in rare cases, and they include the following:
    • alterations in menstrual cycle
    • gynecomastia
    • skin and eyes becoming yellow
    • increasing thirst
    • pale skin
    • lupus erythematosis
    • gout
    • pneumonia
    • asthma
    • lung interstitial disease
    • shivering
    • hoarseness
    • dermatomyositis
    • excessive tonus in muscles
    • weakness
    • white spots or ulcers appearing on lips or mouth
    • breath odor like fruit
    • changes in taste
    • tenderness or pain around cheekbones and eyes
    • glaucoma
    • eye hemorrhage
    • nyctalopia
    • blurred vision
    • visual disturbances
    • hearing loss

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I had to quit taking Lipitor after a month because of the effect it had on muscles in my entire body....the soreness was almost unbearable. Took about a week for it to all disappear when I stopped.

    • Laboratory Tests Abnormalities
      Lipitor intake may induce abnormalities in results of lab tests, which could indicate
      • hypospermia
      • pale, tarry or bloody stools
      • change in sugar levels of blood (hyper and hypoglycemia)
      • thyroid dysfunction
      • increased levels of anti-AchR antibodies
      • increase in levels of antinuclear positive antibodies, hematuria, proteinuria, myoglobinuria, polyuria, oliguria, and creatinine kinase
      • increased levels of certain hepatic enzymes like alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, aminotransferase, aspartate, and alanine aminotransferase
      • thrombocytopenia
      • leukopinia
      • hemolytic anemia

      Lipitor Side Effects that are Serious
      Certain side effects of Lipitor are quite serious and they are listed here as per the systems they affect.

      Neurological: slurred speech, migraine, losing bladder control, peripheral neuropathy, polyneruopathy, nerve palsy peripheral, hyperreflexia, ataxia, increase in body movements, losing feeling or movement in face, myogenic ptosis, ocular myasthenia, vertical and horizontal strabismus, diplopia, ophalmoplegia, dysfunction of cranial nerve, paranoia, and dementia.

      Musculoskeletal: Here it is possible to get tendon rupture, joint or tendon swelling, severe myopathy, tendinous synovitis, bursitis, myostisis (inflammation of muscles), muscle damage (rhabdomyolysis), severe pain in muscles, and polymyalgia.

      Gastrointestinal: hepatic or fulminant necrosis, liver failure, cirrhosis, hepatitis, changes of fat in liver, cholestatic jaundice, pancreatitis, intestinal ulcer, stomach ulcer, severe pain in abdomen, persistent vomiting and nausea, anorexia, esophagitis, and stomatitis.

      Cardiovascular: Phlebitis, vasculitis, retention of excess fluid causing peripheral edema, fast heartbeat, arrhythmia, postural hypotension, high pressure, pain in chest (angina pectoris), breath shortness.

      Hematological: tender and swollen groin, armpit, or neck glands, higher risk of getting hemorrhagic stroke, unusual bruising or bleeding like metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding), rectal hemorrhage (melena), gingival hemorrhage, bleeding nose.

      Urogenital: epididymitis, renal failure, hemorrhagic cystitis, infection of the urinary tract, nephrolithiasis, difficulty, or pain while urinating.

      Lipitor side effects in Women who are pregnant
      Lipitor is not recommended for pregnant women, as it can cause death or defects in the fetus.

      Side effects occurring amongst children
      Lipitor is considered safe for children above 12 years, and is prescribed in certain cases.

      Conclusion: Is it Worth the Risk?
      It is possible not to experience any side effects. Secondly, the reactions of your body to Lipitor cannot be predicted by your doctor until you take it. Hence, it is important to keep your doctor updated for any reactions. Always be careful, as certain effects need immediate medical attention. Do not take Lipitor before or during pregnancy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy