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  • nice_fellow_sr nice_fellow_sr Feb 7, 2013 8:13 PM Flag


    It is sad that some low life stole your moniker with some unnoticeable change in spelling, so that it appears as if you've sold your position.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Its sad, I know, but when you have to know when ta foldem. TFM

    • Setting the record straight....
      "the.familyman" is a long, and long-time poster to the board. He is not me.
      I am "AFamilyMan" (capitalization applied at times to "signaturize" the moniker). I have been a longer long, and infrequent poster to this message board. I often sign posts as "AFM".
      Reiterating: I have sold my position - for me, a significant chunk of change. I have profited from my holdings (shares accumulated over 4 years), but my profits have been disappointing over my investment window given the longer-term manipulation of a small company with a bullied float. I have agressively managed my limited position in STSI out of prudence in protecting my long-term investment capital. I believe there IS something revolutionary with the product (A*bloc), but I refuse to let a portion of my portfolio get pushed around when "the trading" is clearly manipulated and out of control. A reasonably "rich individual" could push this float around at 5 bucks per share. Imagine what a motivated hedge fund, prop trader, or algorithmic trader can (and will) do.
      My point of view: A revolutionary anti-inflammatory product, properly vetted through the FDA (aka - drug approval) process, will be GROSSLY profitable. There is too much opportunity and study going on for it not to be so. Of this I have no doubt. The science for most long term illnesses are focusing on inflammation (aka - "inflammaging") as a key contributor.... and that means any compound, supplement, additive or "drug" with "no side affects" is going to be investment platinum. Just "not today". And -- not over the last 4 years. Put plainly, my money will do better elsewhere without the grief of manipulation.
      More disclosure: I work in the financial industry tied to the markets. I see the customer base on a daily basis and I understand their approach to a lot of things. Again - my point of view --- hedge funds, prop traders, and algo traders bring an important participation and liquidity to the market that is important for you and I to "rider along". Banks (and their trading desks) --- well, --- let's just say that the root of most evils seem to start with organizations that are happy to "productize" creative financial instruments that hide inherent risk.... thus... exploiting the liquidity and opportunities in the market that favor the "notionally and flagrantly wealthy" endowed. Summarizing -- every player in the market is happy to beat up an equity where volatility can be "manufactured".
      More opinion: JW isn't a bad guy. He's an entrepeneur (sp?). His financial well being is closely tied to the success of his public company. I don't see him, or his management team, as the cream of the crop.... or they would be dealing with the market bullying related issues more directly. Not doing so significantly "discounts the brand" of the company long term. The management team could do more in a public facing way to encourage me as a shareholder. Letting the stock be manipulated with little public push-back is tantamount to letting the bully steal your lunch money. They owe more to the shareholders (very large or very small) that have put their money in place to allow the business to exist and grow. Good management teams "protect the brand". Think JNJ when Bayer was tampered with back in the '80's (??). Coke. MCD. They feverishly protect the brand so it grows. I don't see that here. So --- I'm taking a pause in the investment opportunity of STSI until I see those things.
      Again: I DO see the product (anatabine based supplements, additives, substances, drugs....) as a long term winner.

      I will be lurking. Watching. Just moving my $$$ elsewhere to maximize my earnings opportunity.


    • the.familyman Feb 7, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

      It wasn't me. I've been buying more...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy