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  • scotttk scotttk Feb 13, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    Dental Visit observation

    First off, the disclaimer... I have never been one with really great dental care habits, but since I got an electric braun brush a few years ago, I have been better, though I still hate flossing.

    So, I had my bi-annual check up today and the first thing they do is the periodontal probes... you know if you've had it done... the 1s, 2s, and 3s and hopefully not 4s that #$%$ the level of gum disease all around your teeth?

    Well, I'm historically a 2 and 3 kind of guy... even with the better habits and the electric tooth brush.

    Today? Mostly 1s and 2s... especially 1s around the molers, which the dental hygienist indicated was almost unheard of, especially for me.

    Now, the reality is, gum disease is really nothing more than inflammation of the gums...

    And what's the only real thing I'm doing any different than I've done for the last year?

    I'm taking Anatabloc regularly.

    As much as I totally get the whole 'placebo' thing with my sore knees that are better, my back that is no longer stiff after a round of golf, there's absolutely no way that I can call this a placebo effect.

    So, I ended up talking to the hygienist and the dentist about it... and they were intrigued to say the least. They asked me for the name of it and are planning on researching it. As the dentist said to the hygienist on his way out of the room, "If this works, it may be something we need to suggest to patients with really bad periodontal disease... it's worth reading up on!"

    Real story folks... real life experience... I'm still holding.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • scotttk, add a water pic to your daily dental care and you will get even better results. A water pic can get things from little spots you just can get to.


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    • I was on a bloc for only 2 mo and went for my dental visit. I have been going to the same dentest for 30 years. The hygenist was amased that she got done with me 10 minuts early because my teath were so clean. the way I tell if a bloc is working is by the plesent sensation I get in my gums it is strang They dont hurt they feel like they were just cleaned. I have been thinking that when the hygenist cleans teeth what she uses is something that prevents inflamation and that is why I get that sensation when I have a bloc in me

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    • Amen scott, me too. This is a no brainer for study and fantastic improvements. Abloc tooth paste?
      Pills best, gets all. Great post!

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    • I also had the same experience with improving gum measurements at my last visit, including a troublesome perennial 5 becoming a 3.

      This was the second sequential visit with improvement, which caused significant interest in A-bloc by my dentist.


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    • Back to the top.

      To good of a message to not keep out there for everyone to see.

      Have a good day.

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    • Figured I would bump this to the top for anyone who might have missed it last night.

      Interestingly enough, in talking with the dentist, as I disclosed I was a shareholder as well as a user of the product, he also talked about how much inflammation really is the root of so many things... and that if this is real, it would be destined to be bought by some big company... I remarked, "Yeah, but think of what that does to profit streams of big name drugs that are prescriptions"... his reply, "Yeah, and sometimes those big companies buy the small ones with the promising products just so they can shelve them."

      Imagine that... Buying a company to 'shelve' the product

      Realistic? Who knows, but crazy to think about

    • Also had a similar experience at my dentist. Have noticed gums are more pink now, too...

    • Sound investment approach scotttk and I'd stick to it. Best way to sleep at night.

      Unfortunately, moon shots are hard to catch, once Wallstreet and the investing public start smelling the pre-flight burn off fumes.

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    • Same experience with the gums;minimal to no bleeding anymore when flossing...

    • HOLD scotttk ?

      Come on big guy, your testimony is a "Strong Buy" IMHO.

      Thanks for posting your experience. I haven't had the exact same experience as you, but I can take it to the bank that my gums are in a whole lot better shape from taking A-bloc then they were before.

      Pay attention to your finger nails and toe nails also. I'll bet that you'll see a dramatic improvement in those also. I still can't believe how mine have improved.

      However, all of the above is just back ground noise compared to the improvement in my swollen ankles, hay fever, C-RP, etc.

      Have a great day.

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      • Uptick, as confident as I am in my experience, I still have rules that I follow about portfolio allocation.

        Should there be some human studies released that further justify what myself and others are experiencing for the medical and investing community to grab onto, you can bet I'll ad. Yeah, it may be at higher prices than now, but like I said... until there is sufficient mass acceptance, I have to stick to my guidelines.

        Good luck all!