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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Feb 18, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

    Highest Reported Order # as of 0240EST on 18 February 2013

    Latest reported order #: 98850 (17 February at 1100EST) [97736 at 1200EST on 14 February]

    February total orders to date:8643 [6529]

    February average daily orders: 525.1 [483.6] (divisor = 16 (days) +1100/2400 (hours) = 16.46)

    Total orders since 7 February (Gold Card week): 4979 [2865]

    Average daily orders since 7 February = 4979 / [9 (days) + .46)] = 526.4 [440.8]

    February 2013 Gold Card Week average daily orders = 523.4 [460.5 for January 2013]

    Worth noting: 1) The February average daily orders during Gold Card week and the 9+ days since Gold Card week are virtually the same (525-526).

    2) Looking back at the 3 previous months (Nov - Jan), I see something of a pattern occurring: the bump up to new higher average daily orders for the month occurs during 17th - 21st of the month. These new highs are actually all-time highs, as once that level is achieved, it is maintained or goes somewhat higher as the month wears on. Example: for January 1-15 the average was 436, then it jumped to over 477 in the next few days, and stayed there for the rest of the month. This move to new all-time highs occurs at almost the same time frame in each month --- why? One would think that if newcomers to Abloc were finding out about it on a RANDOM basis and their first orders occurred during random days of the month, then we would see new all-time highs at different points in a month. But that's not happening. Is there some big advertising push at the same time each month to get newbies interested? Or is there some big pushout of freebies at the same time each month? I'm just throwing out ideas, but it is a recurring theme of late.

    So, before anyone gets 'upset' that a new month of data shows that the average daily orders aren't increasing when compared to the previous month, always wait until the 17th - 21st of the month and see what happens then.

    Happy President's Day!

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