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  • the.familyman Feb 18, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Attention Lawyers

    Is there a cause of action for a law suit by those who have been harmed by the manipulation of this stock? At the very least, it would appear that those who have had call options expire worthless could prove damages. Over the last 6 or 8 months, that's a lot of call options. It would seem to me that a class action lawsuit would certainly be big enough to be worth the time and effort. Many of us would qualify as clients...

    Is there even a law firm in existence with the knowledge, skillset, and capabilities to pursue such a cause of action? The law firm handing the Overstock case may learned the ropes and have the experience to pursue this particular type of case. But I believe the lead lawyer for the Overstock case died so I do not know how that impacted that firm in this regard.

    We've seen a couple of ambulance chasing firms trying to drum up (pun intended) a client so they can greenmail the company. But I really believe that the legitimate cause of action is against Adam and his partners in crime who have been manipulating the stock price. I also believe that a determined attorney can ferret out the evidence to prove it.

    It's obvious that the SEC is useless at enforcing the law against these miscreants. The law also specifically allows for private lawsuits in such cases. Any law firm that makes a name for itself in this area of law will NOT have a shortage of clients or cases. So what about it? Are there any hotshot young gun attorneys out there looking to make a name for themselves?

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