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  • nakamuraakiko nakamuraakiko Mar 13, 2013 8:16 AM Flag



    One of the MB longs has declared that his investment is predicated upon the science and by clear implication other factors are either unimportant or are not very relevant in considering his decision to invest. Other longs on this MB seem to echo this investment thesis. Is this a sound reason for making an investment to the virtual exclusion of other factors? It turns out that the answer is: it depends.

    If you are investing--or a better word--donating to a research institution whose purpose is to develop therapies and curatives for the betterment of mankind without thought or expectation of any return, then of course the science underlying such products takes center stage and I can only stand and applaud these selfless individuals. Of course, while returns on the donations or even a recovery of such donations by the generous donors cannot be expected, those responsible for administering the funds and allocating them to various research projects should be held strictly accountable.

    If you are investing with the expectation of a return of your outlay plus a reasonable return, then there are more and equally if not more important criteria to consider:
    Obviously, among them are the honesty, credibility and capability of management in managing the business for the benefit of the shareholders and transparently communicating what is going on.
    Of course, the company's financial condition and the progression of sales and profitability are essential criteria for judging as to whether one should initiate an investment or continue holding it. WRT to products it is important to understand if and when its promise can be fulfilled. Considering these factors, one can come to the inexorable conclusion that Star fares extremely poorly as an enterprise for profit.

    Thus, giving Star the benefit of the doubt as a legitimate institution and not a scam, it looks much more like a research institution where the science is of paramount importance.

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    • Normally, I would not respond, but you've been bashing for a while now. So, here is my retort. You say you are looking out for our best interest, but you have not provided one scientific fact that this product doesn't work. Yes, we are speculative investors that have given time and money to research the facts as they stand and have deceided to take that risk. I, like many others on this board have purchased the product and some more than once.
      So as a matter of fact this product does and continues to work for me, my mother, and my aunt. Again, I do not need to prove it to you or tell you about our ailments. You are right to short all you want and talk about the financials as of today and over the last years. So again, I look at this with a speculative eye for potential and nothing more.
      So, you are now on ignore, don't take offense, but I would just prefer to listen to someone who has had a positive/negative experience with the product or have found some new clinical research that I have not seen.

      PEACE V