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  • jerhipaz jerhipaz Mar 14, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Mr Perito

    Your shareholders are getting tired of being pushed around by shorts and collusive market makers. Your shareholders are getting tired of being pushed around by scurrilous market letter writers who think you’re still a smokeless tobacco company. Your shareholders are getting tired of seeing their stock cut in half while the Dow Jones Average keeps making new highs. And frankly, Mr. Perito we’re tired of seeing a passive management that says little of any consequence and is afraid to hold quarterly conference calls. It’s time to see Star Scientific GROW UP and start acting like a real company with a real management determined to make real money for its (LONG) shareholders. Isn’t that why we’re all here?

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    • IMHO, Its not his fault that the stock is priced where it is. The stock was runup on Tobacco litigation, but now is still overvalued based on expected 2013 revenues. Yes he made the "jewels" comment but after some consideration, whats the guy supposed to say?
      It IS managements fault that there are no conference calls. I have trouble believing that there would not be any analysts calling in -yes none follow, but funds do own Star stock. What about them? Regardless, a conference call would give confidence (and answers) to the retail investor and as such is overdue, especially given the Tobacco litigation failure.
      I also wonder why J Williams never makes statements other than the SH meeting. Is he bared from doing so? It would be nice to hear from him publicly.

    • Jerhipaz, well said. I have found emailing or calling Ms. Tuck's office accomplished my goal. Perhaps you have time to engage her in conversation, your points are relevant.

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    • cdalbora Mar 14, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

      Please SEND this to Ms. Tuck and Mr. Perito via email now!!! I wrote to Ms. Tuck this morning also about this topic. Do you even think they get it?

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