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  • a_brown3 a_brown3 Apr 2, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

    Perspective ~

    there are definite black and whites...and then there are grays. if jw and the gov are good friends, is it wrong that he paid for the food at his daughter's wedding? was it his personal money? someone wrote today something to the effect of 'jw/star' donated money, but while they have much in common, the two are still separate entities. and is $15,000 a lot of money? to a pauper, yes. but to a multi-millionaire, not so much.

    what if he had given $15k to the girl as a wedding gift? and SHE used the $ for food? what if it had been only $1000? what if jw simply took his good gov friend out for a nice $200 steak dinner? is that okay...for a friend to buy another dinner if he is the gov? what if he only bought him a meal at burger king?

    speaking of burger king, how about the press bk received from bill clinton who oft' dined upon their delicacies? we foot the air force one bill to fly him across country...and then we paid for his food on top. i wonder if he received any other perks that we aren't privy to?

    speaking of perks, what about ole arnold schwarzenneger? ex-gov of california, doing countless ads for california...perhaps he wasn't paid for that--i assume not anyway--but using state money to endorse the state to draw more funds...sort of like a company would do to draw additional revenue. do you think arnold paid for his meals during the shoots? do you think he was 'gifted' any other perks during his tenure? don't kid yourself.

    is it wrong for the governor's wife to go to florida for an anatabloc presentation because of her admiration for the product, not to mention her appreciation of its state's roots? is it wrong for the creators of anatabloc to purchase her flight out of honor for her appreciating the product, not to mention her friendship with jw? would it be wrong for obama to attend a cubs game? and would it be wrong if the cubs' owner, tom ricketts, set him up with nice seats and a spread of food for free out of respect? even if his dad founded ameritrade?

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    • Hi brown,
      Nothing wrong with everything you mentioned as long as it's all legal. One problem was that the VA governor kept giving different answers to the question of "who was paying for the food service" at the wedding. First is was answer A, then B, then finally C. Whenever that kind of tightrope walking is going on, I immediately become suspicious. At one point the answer was (as you even suggested) -- that the bride paid for it all. My only real question to you or any shareholder is this:

      Are you upset that JW was giving STSI money to a political campaign at a time when the company (STSI) is struggling to make a profit?

      I don't care who he gave it to (although it's obvious from my posts I have zero regard for the VA governor). I do care that it was OUR MONEY that he gave. You know -- you, me, the other shareholders --- that supposedly is our money. Couldn't that money have been better used to buy some more advertising for Abloc? That's really my only bone of contention on this matter.

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      • Chipper, I love what you do for this board on sales. First point. On this issue, however, you've got it wrong. The guy was making over a million a year. It doesn't matter if the company paid him 1% of his annual salary and he bought the food or if the company did it to curry favor with a public figure willing to promote our product. I think he paid it himself anyway, but even if he didn#$%$ immaterial and maybe even a good investment. Jonnie's our guy -- he's the inventor, he started the company, he owns the patents, he is fully invested in the company's success, and he is working on shareholders' behalf -- particularly with $1 in salary now. Let's move on.