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  • joebernini joebernini Apr 17, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    I dread the coming day...

    When..this stock is no longer listed...and I will no longer have access to the most intelligent, most entertaining, most witty and delicious posts to read and have a laugh or two while doing it. !!!
    Of course, I'm talking about Drummy, Doktor Drum. Drumkiko.........he has been without a shred of doubt in my mind the heart beat of this board.

    Granted, his contrarian views like mine have not been popular on the surface......but I know they have been considered by intelligent few.......

    I say this and mean no disrespect to any of the honest Longs who are still holding on to the dream of El_Dorado filled with Golden ANATABINE..............I hope you'll all find it.

    But...what is the exit strategy...where are going to read Doktor Drum's blogs and commentaries?

    J B

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    • why are you still here?

    • Well why don't you and drum do all a favor and either #$%$ or just go away. AS a long most of your discussions are tripe and BS. As a trader I enjoy making money on the up and down that has occurred here but still hold a long position that is still cheaper than where we are at now, though this is a good point to buy in again at. UnLike the moronis idiot longunx who thinks anatablock is BS, I hold a phd in micro bioilogy as well as biomedical enginering. Having read their documents and seeing what they have and how they were able to isolate and then grow this coumpound, while y'all are having fun monkeying with the stock price, and I am making money of your BS, I sold my short position when this was a lttle lower in intradday trading the other day, this is the real deal. Make no doubt about it. It does what it is advertised to do and even more. I really feel sorrow for the morons that listen to your #$%$ cause thats all it is. Other than your rants about the president, how does your background or accomplishments stack up? Do you even have any? Y'all are nothing but a joke though Drum has started at least been writing in a more intelligent style lately. Peace on you

    • joe, your dreaded day has already come and gone. It was last Sunday, the day of your "Couples quit" post: your final jaw-dropping blunder, mistake, boo boo, stupid move, UH OH! For all intents and purposes you do not exist here any more, and you seriously furthered the damage (via his always-careless agreement) to your "pal" and alter ego, blunderbuss. You need dread no more. You can just go. Oh: don't worry ... I'll make sure no one forgets your mistakes.

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      • Ceazar Izof,

        I know nothing of the ' Couple quit" post you erroneously pointed to and wrongly accused me of penning. It was not me and I don't engage in such immaturity. That said, you owe me an apology just when I apologized to all the LONGS when I did not see that Couples were wearing the A-Bloc logo but later retracted my comment after I verified it on my own via a google search.

        I know we are in different camps but when I speak in error I am not afraid to admit it and stand corrected.

        I hope you are man enough to apologize.

        J B

    • Can you comment on all the independent studies done on anatabine citrate and the promising results that were shown?